Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

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Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

Joe Fier’s Video Simplified
English | 960x540 | mp42 | 30.000 fps 600 kbps | AAC 100 kbps | 827 MB
Genre: eLearning

Inside of Video Simplified, you’ll get immediate access to nearly 40 videos of pure content that will cover everything from creating effective slideshow presentations to effortlessly filming in front of the camera.

Here’s a taste of what to expect when you log into your Video Simplified account…

Section 1: The Slideshow Goods

* A complete breakdown of how to effectively structure and present your recorded slideshow presentation to capture attention.
* Learn the eye-popping design tricks you see all of the big gurus using in their product launch videos.
* How to easily create professional looking animations with tools you already have. This will enhance your videos and have you looking just like the top dogs!
* Plus even more…

Section 2: The Screen Capture Vault

* Learn of the free and super inexpensive tools that the gurus are using to create “look over your shoulder” type videos with ease.
* The most asked about and sought after techniques and tricks to increase the effectiveness of your videos using screen capture.
* Ways to easily record video and audio using nothing more than couple methods and a few minutes.

Section 3: On-Camera Recording

* An honest breakdown of THE BEST equipment to start out for video online. We’re talking about super low-budget and easy to use gagets here.
* How to stream live video from your home to thousands of your followers online for absolutely FREE!
* Learn how the gurus make their professional sales videos with green screens and other background effects.
* And a lot more…

Section 4: Selling With Video

* Where to get the cinematic video templates for dirt cheap and how to edit them. This alone makes your product stand out WAY ahead of the crowd!
* How to easily and quickly create video products from pre-made content that is absolutely free. This is THE quickest way to make a product online.
* The sneakiest way to sell using video WHILE still giving awesome content to your viewers. They will be drooling waiting for your offer!
* And a ton more…

Section 5: The YouTube Machine

* An ultra secret trick that just about no one is using. I have been able to get over 10,000 video views with this technique alone.
* Interested in making some money as an affiliate with video? I’ll show you how to quickly make effective affiliate videos that will SELL from YouTube traffic.
* The three things that almost everyone doesn’t know they’re missing out on. You’ll start benefiting from the most YouTube has to offer!
* And other cool techniques…

Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

Joe Fier’s Video Simplified

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Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03