Journey Into the Mind's Eye

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Journey Into the Mind's Eye

Journey Into the Mind's Eye by Lesley Blanch
English | August 15th, 2014 | ASIN: B00ME46SHE, ISBN: 0907871542, 129938160X | 340 Pages | EPUB | 0.88 MB

Lesley Blanch was four when the mysterious Traveller first blew into her nursery, swathed in Siberian furs and full of the fairytales of Russia. She was twenty when he swept out of her life, leaving her love-lorne and in the grips of a passionate obsession. The search to recapture the love of her life, and the Russia that he had planted within her, takes her to Siberia and beyond, journeying deep into the romantic terrain of the mind's eye. Part travel book, part love story, Lesley Blanch's Journey into the Mind's Eye is pure intoxication.

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