Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3 [repost]

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Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3 [repost]

Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3
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There are many Bachata DVDs in the market teaching you different styles and different moves. But you probably noticed that not many have broken down their moves into a set of fundamentals, as the moves are cramped with turns and combinations. At one point, the moves start looking the same.
The Bachata Moderna DVD Series will teach you the basics of Bachata, and it will also teach you the Fundamentals of Bachata Moderna. You'll notice that once you master the new fundamentals and learnt how to incorporate them to your Bachata step, you'll have no limits on the number of moves and combinations you can do.

Bachata Moderna is not just a simple variation of Bachata. Bachata Moderna is based on the concept of the Crosses; therefore, you'll have a new set of fundamentals that can be incorporated on your Bachata Traditional step.
* Are you a beginner dancer that just felt in love with Bachata and want to learn this sexy style of dance?
* Are you an experience Bachata dancer that is looking to improve their Bachata skills and repertoire?
Bachateros, featuring Juan Ruiz and Samantha introduce you to the world of Bachata, Modern style.

DVD vol 1 Contents:

Chapter 1: Bachata Basics
Chapter 2: Basic Bachata Turn
Chapter 3: Bachata Together
Chapter 4: Cross on 2
Chapter 5: Cross on 3 Solo
Chapter 6: Cross on 1
Chapter 7: Cross on 1 and 2
Chapter 8: Cross Over
Chapter 9: The About Turn
Chapter 10: Zouk Bachata Step
Farewell and Credits

On DVD 2, you will learn how to incorporate these fundamentals into fun, sexy and cheeky moves.

DVD Volume 2 Contents:
Chapter 1: Around the World, Moderna Style
Chapter 2: The Exit on 1
Chapter 3: The Modern Caminito
Chapter 4: Around your Hips
Chapter 5: Slow Step Bachata
Chapter 6: Across the Street
Chapter 7: Bachata Moderna Dip
Chapter 8: Bonus: the Vine
Farewell and Credits

DVD volume 3 content:

Chapter 1: More fundamentals
Twist hip (Caminito)
Quick back Step (Q.S.B.)
Step and Go (S.A.G)
Chapter 2: The washing machine
Chapter 3: Slow Turn to Q.S.B. Combo
Chapter 4: Twist Hip Funky Combo
Chapter 5: Cross on 3 to S.A.G. exit
Chapter 6: Cross on 3 turn to Ladies walkthrough
Chapter 7: Ladies walk to hip turn
Chapter 8: About turn Combo
Chapter 9: Advanced exit on1
Chapter 10: BONUS MOVE: the Vine plus Flares
Social dance
Credits and Bloopers

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Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3 [repost]

Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3 [repost]

Juan Ruiz - Bachata Moderna - Vol 1 - 3 [repost]

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