Learning Mathematica 10

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Learning Mathematica 10

Learning Mathematica 10
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Mathematica is a computational platform with the power and flexibility you need to analyze data and make good decisions for your company. Similar to a programming language, it provides a complete environment for doing math. These tutorials show how to start performing advanced data analysis using Mathematica 10.

Curt Frye teaches you how to set up Mathematica notebooks, assign values to variables, perform simple calculations, create and manipulate lists and matrices, and visualize and share your data. Dive in for a well-rounded look at all of Mathematica's core capabilities.

NOTE: Basic knowledge of linear algebra is helpful for this course, but not required.

Topics include:
  • Managing Mathematica workbooks
  • Assigning values to variables
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Calculating values with operators and built-in functions
  • Creating and editing lists
  • Manipulating matrices
  • Converting a matrix to a list
  • Creating charts