Learning Tiffen Dfx

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Learning Tiffen Dfx

Learning Tiffen Dfx
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Tiffen Dfx offers a suite of professional tools for both photographers and videographers. You can repair images using techniques that mirror traditional filters and gels, and you can digitally relight video in post for dramatic or subtle effects. In this course Richard Harrington covers workflows for both photo and video assets. Learn how to work with Tiffen's extensive collection of filters, virtual lights, film stock, and presets, and start giving your images and footage the kind of treatments you never thought were possible outside of the studio.

Topics include:
  • Running Tiffen Dfx as a video or photo plugin
  • Choosing a category and a filter
  • Working with filter presets
  • Limiting filters with masks
  • Masking for precision
  • Processing film with Film Lab filters
  • Using the HFX Diffusion filters
  • Correcting color and lens issues
  • Refining light
  • Using special effects