Learning reddit

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Learning reddit

Learning reddit
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reddit, the "front page of the Internet," is a popular news aggregator that anyone can contribute to: by asking questions, providing answers, engaging in debates, or simply posting links to interesting content. In this course Nick Brazzi explains how reddit works, how it is organized, and how you can set up an account to contribute to the community. He covers both the web-based and mobile platforms, demystifies common reddit abbreviations and jargon, and shows how to effectively search and navigate subreddits. Plus, learn how to post and vote on content, and use the "Ask Me Anything," or AMA, subreddit, which features politicians, celebrities, scientists, and other interesting people who are willing to answer questions posed by redditors.

Topics include:
  • Reading articles on reddit
  • Searching reddit
  • Using the Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • Posting content
  • Commenting and voting on content