The Basic Math Word Problem [repost]

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The Basic Math Word Problem [repost]

The Basic Math Word Problem
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Genre: Math

This DVD teaches students how to easily tackle basic math word problems, and builds upon the foundation laid by the 1st - 7th Grade Math Tutor DVD.

After students learn a math skill such as multiplication or division, many are frequently confused on how to apply these skills to solve word problems. Word problems present the problem to be solved in sentence form, and in these types of problems the student must pull the information out of the problem and decide the best way to solve it. The only way to get good at solving these types of problems is to practice, and that is what this 8 hour DVD course provides.

Each type of problem is devoted to a dedicated section on the DVD for easy reference. Every section is taught entirely by example word problems which helps the students learn these skills in the most efficient way possible.

This DVD contains essential material to do well in Math because mastering word problems teaches the student how to think about the logic of a problem and decide the best course of action to arrive at the solution. These types of problems usually have many different ways to arrive at the answer and are more like problems encountered in the real world. These skills are used time again in more advanced courses such as Pre-algebra and Algebra. Each topic in this DVD course is introduced by working example problems, beginning with the easier problems and gradually working the harder ones. In this way the student immediately gains confidence in his or her abilities and improves homework and exam taking skills.

Disc 1
Section 1: Adding Whole Numbers
Section 2: Subtracting Whole Numbers
Section 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers
Section 4: Dividing Whole Numbers
Section 5: Adding Decimals
Section 6: Subtracting Decimals
Section 7: Multiplying Decimals
Section 8: Dividing Decimals

Disc 2
Section 9: Adding Fractions
Section 10: Subtracting Fractions
Section 11: Multiplying Fractions
Section 12: Dividing Fractions
Section 13: Percents, Part 1
Section 14: Percents, Part 2
Section 15: Ratio and Proportion

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The Basic Math Word Problem [repost]

The Basic Math Word Problem [repost]

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