Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

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Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton
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Dr. Carleen Eaton continues on to Algebra 2, and brings with her 10 years of experience in teaching math and science. This course meets or exceeds all state standards and is essential to those having trouble with Algebra in high school or college. With her clear explanations and examples of commonly seen problems, Dr. Eaton will make sure you understand all the confusing concepts in Algebra 2, ranging from Quadratic Inequalities to Matrices and Conic Sections. Dr. Carleen Eaton has an M.D. from the UCLA School of Medicine and in her teaching career has won numerous "Teacher of the Year" awards. She is also continually ranked as one of the top instructors in California.

I. Equations and Inequalities
Expressions and Formulas 22:23
Properties of Real Numbers 20:15
Solving Equations 19:10
Solving Absolute Value Equations 17:31
Solving Inequalities 17:14
Solving Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities 25:00

II. Linear Relations and Functions
Relations and Functions 32:05
Linear Equations 14:46
Slope 23:07
Writing Linear Functions 23:05
Special Functions 31:05
Graphing Inequalities 21:42

III. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing 17:13
Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically 23:53
Solving Systems of Inequalities By Graphing 27:12
Solving Systems of Equations in Three Variables 28:53

IV. Matrices
Basic Matrix Concepts 11:34
Matrix Operations 21:36
Matrix Multiplication 29:36
Determinants 33:13
Cramer's Rule 28:25
Identity and Inverse Matrices 22:25
Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices 22:32

V. Quadratic Functions and Inequalities
Graphing Quadratic Functions 31:48
Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing 27:03
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring 19:53
Imaginary and Complex Numbers 35:45
Completing the Square 27:11
Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant 22:48
Analyzing the Graphs of Quadratic Functions 30:07
Graphing and Solving Quadratic Inequalities 27:05

VI. Polynomial Functions
Properties of Exponents 19:29
Operations on Polynomials 13:27
Dividing Polynomials 31:11
Polynomial Functions 22:30
Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions 33:29
Solving Polynomial Functions 21:10
Remainder and Factor Theorems 31:21
Roots and Zeros 31:27
Rational Zero Theorem 31:16

VII. Radical Expressions and Inequalities
Operations on Functions 34:30
Inverse Functions and Relations 22:42
Square Root Functions and Inequalities 30:04
nth Roots 20:46
Operations with Radical Expressions 41:11
Rational Exponents 30:45
Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities 31:27

VIII. Rational Equations and Inequalities
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions 40:54
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions 55:04
Graphing Rational Functions 57:13
Direct, Joint, and Inverse Variation 20:21
Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities 55:14

IX. Exponential and Logarithmic Relations
Exponential Functions 35:58
Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions 45:54
Properties of Logarithms 28:43
Common Logarithms 25:23
Base e and Natural Logarithms 21:14
Exponential Growth and Decay 24:30

X. Conic Sections
Midpoint and Distance Formulas 32:42
Parabolas 41:27
Circles 21:03
Ellipses 46:51
Hyperbolas 38:15
Conic Sections 18:43
Solving Quadratic Systems 47:04

XI. Sequences and Series
Arithmetic Sequences 21:16
Arithmetic Series 21:36
Geometric Sequences 23:03
Geometric Series 22:43
Infinite Geometric Series 18:32
Recursion and Special Sequences 14:34
Binomial Theorem 48:30


Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton

Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton



Mathematics: Algebra 2 with Dr. Carleen Eaton