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NEW: 1,000+ Fashion Poses [Repost]

Posted By: tanas.olesya
NEW: 1,000+ Fashion Poses [Repost]

NEW: 1,000+ Fashion Poses: A Complete Reference Book for Photographers by Simon Walden
English | June 4, 2015 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B00YXVUNLI | 328 pages | PDF | 9.66 Mb

1,000+ Fashion Poses: A Complete Reference Book for Photographers
How to pose fashion clothing for better images, better pay and creative inspiration
The guide covers clothes from suits to swimwear and styles from casual to elegant. Each type of clothing and style is illustrated with full colour photographs. Altogether there are over 1,000 different poses suitable for any type of clothing or context.
After studying this guide you will be able to confidently pose models and members of the public to great poses. You will be more professional and make the most of your time during any shoot.
Are you stuck for inspiration?
Are you not quite sure how to show off an item of clothing?
Do you need to show a client a pose?
This guide will show you over 1,000 poses which you can copy, or use as a springboard for new poses.
The posing section is broken down into various types: casual, formal, elegant: dresses, suits, shorts, swimwear: standing, leaning, sitting.

We have covered all the bases for you.

Each section is laid out in sequence; you can see the full flow of poses, noting how the model has made simple moves to get from one pose to the next.

Guiding your subjects through similar sequences will maximise your posing, minimise your time and increase your professionalism.

  • 10 Questions and Answers About Fashion Posing
  • What is fashion posing?
  • What is the basic "S" structure pose?
  • How do I pose feet and legs?
  • How do I pose hands?
  • How should I pose hands on the hips?
  • How should I pose hands around the face?
  • Where should the model look?
  • Which way should the face turn?
  • How do you pose with a table?
  • I reveal my secret weapon

    The guide then gives over 1,000 fashion poses broken down by style of clothing and clothing type, standing, sitting or with stool or chair:
  • Mid Length Dress
  • Lingerie
  • Short Coat
  • Short Dress
  • Trouser Suit
  • Dungarees
  • Jeans and T-Shirt
  • Long Summer Dress
  • Shorts and Shirt
  • Urban Coat
  • Hats
  • Swimwear

    Includes FREE PDF DOWNLOAD link

    A link to a free PDF version is included in the book for those that don't always have a Kindle reader with them, or would prefer the better formatting of a PDF book.

    About the author:

    Simon Q. Walden is an award winning photographer, presenter and author. His books have been bestsellers on Amazon. He regular teaches students all round the world including for the Royal Photographic Society. He runs a commercial studio in Cheltenham, England

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