"Natural Hazards: Risk, Exposure, Response, and Resilience" ed. by John Tiefenbacher

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"Natural Hazards: Risk, Exposure, Response, and Resilience" ed. by John Tiefenbacher

"Natural Hazards: Risk, Exposure, Response, and Resilience" ed. by John Tiefenbacher
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789840864 9781789840865 1789840856 9781789840858 1789854415 9781789854411 | 247 pages | PDF | 38 MB

This volume demonstrates advanced techniques to measure risks, exposures, responses, and solutions to hazards in an array of communities. his volume contributes new conceptual and practical commentaries to assess, mitigate, and plan for disasters.

Original research reports by international scholars on hazard assessment and management are organized into four sections: studies assessing risk using in-depth modeling and technological detection to provide insight into problems associated with earthquakes, torrential rains, and nuclear power plant safety; studies revealing the spatial distributions of exposure and impacts from an assortment of hazards; studies examining human response to increased awareness of the patterns of hazard; and a study demonstrating assessment of resilience of sociotechnological systems to natural hazards.

1.Assessing Seismic Hazard in Chile Using Deep Neural Networks
2.Strong Rainfall in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil: Synoptic Analysis and Numerical Simulation
3.Natural Hazards and Nuclear Power Plant Safety
4.Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity Profiles Employing Genetic Algorithms and the Diffuse Field Approach on Microtremors Array: Implications on Liquefaction Hazard at Port of Spain, Trinidad
5.Long-Wave Generation due to Atmospheric-Pressure Variation and Harbor Oscillation in Harbors of Various Shapes and Countermeasures against Meteotsunamis
6.Identification and Assessment of Hazard of Development in Gypsum Karst Regions: Examples from Turkey
7.Dam Retirement and Decision-Making
8.Seismic Hazard of Viaduct Transportation Infrastructure
9.Determinants of Coping Strategies to Floods and Droughts in Multiple Geo-Ecological Zones
10.Emergency Communications Network for Disaster Management
11.Interview of Natural Hazards and Seismic Catastrophe Insurance Research in China
12.Multiset-Based Assessment of Resilience of Sociotechnological Systems to Natural Hazards

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