Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate

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Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate

Photoshop CC for Photographers: Camera Raw 8 Intermediate
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Get in-depth training on Camera Raw 8, the Photoshop component that enables photographers to make nondestructive corrections and improvements to photographs. This installment of Photoshop CC for Photographers takes you deep into selective adjustments and blemish corrections. Author Chris Orwig shows how to enhance eyes and whiten teeth with the Adjustment Brush, correct overexposed skies with the Graduated Filter tool, and remove general dust, noise, and scratches. Then dive into the Curves and HSL controls for improving color and tone. Chris also includes a section on Camera Raw's Lens Correction toolset for removing distortion and chromatic aberration in your photographs. Last but not least, discover how to harness presets, actions and the batch processing power of Bridge, and camera calibration controls to speed up your workflow and get great looking results every time.

Topics include:
  • Correcting exposure
  • Making selective adjustments with Auto Mask
  • Brightening shadows and darkening highlights
  • Enhancing the color, tone, and sharpness of the eyes
  • Removing MoirĂ© patterns
  • Creative color and effects with the Graduated Filter
  • Improving exposure and adding blur with the Radial Filter
  • Retouching skin
  • Removing distracting background elements
  • Working with the tone curve
  • Removing color with HSL
  • Split toning a color photo
  • Removing extreme distortion with the Lens Profile
  • Adding grain
  • Creating and applying Camera Raw presets