Telling Tales: The Fabuous Lives of Anita Leslie

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Telling Tales: The Fabuous Lives of Anita Leslie

Telling Tales: The Fabuous Lives of Anita Leslie by Penny Perrick
English | October 10th, 2017 | ASIN: B077TRCLB4, ISBN: 1843517116 | 283 Pages | EPUB | 5.19 MB

Anita Leslie was a celebrated biographer who wrote extensively on subjects who were often her own relatives, such as her great-aunt Jennie Churchill, mother of Winston, and the sculptor Clare Sheridan, a cousin. She also wrote a life of Rodin in 'Rodin: Immortal Peasant' (1939) and the best-selling 'Edwardians in Love' (1972).

In 1983 her best-selling wartime memoir 'A Story Half Told' detailed her experiences as an ambulance driver in the French Army during the Second World War. This was based on a more revealing memoir entitled'Train to Nowhere' (1948). After the war, her life was, at first, haphazard. A complicated and tumultuous divorce from her first husband, a concealed birth and a second marriage are all revealed in candid, breathless letters. Her second husband was Commander Bill King who singlehandedly circumnavigated the world. Anita Leslie was a true heroine fighting the circumstances of her life, bravely navigating her own flawed and bewildered self. Penny Perrick brings together the intricacies of Leslie's life in a stunning biography telling of adventure, memories, heartache and loss.

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