"The Theory and Practice of Innovation Policy: An International Research Handbook" ed. by Ruud E. Smits, et al.

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"The Theory and Practice of Innovation Policy: An International Research Handbook" ed. by Ruud E. Smits, et al.

"The Theory and Practice of Innovation Policy: An International Research Handbook" ed. by Ruud E. Smits, Stefan Kuhlmann, Philip Shapira
Prime Series on Research and Innovation Policy in Europe
EdElPub | 2010 | ISBN: 184542848X 9781845428488 1849804443 9781849804448 | 486 pages | PDF | 19 MB

This comprehensive Handbook explores the interactions between the practice, policy, and theory of innovation. This original reference work will not only provide valuable insights for scholars and students on innovation studies, but also to policy makers and practitioners.

The goal is twofold: to increase insight into this dynamic process, searching for options to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both policy and innovative practice, and to identify conceptual or empirical lacunae and questions that can guide future research. The Handbook is a joint project from 24 prominent scholars in the field, and although each chapter reveals the insights of its respective authors, two overarching theoretical perspectives provide unique coherence and consistency throughout.

This Handbook is a most helpful guide both for scholars and for experts in charge of innovation policy.
It takes a systemic approach, recognising the importance of learning processes including policy learning, documents the close interaction between analytical work on innovation and the formulation and implementation of innovation policy.
The list of authors includes leading experts from Europe and the US, and the topics span from research policy and intellectual property rights to military innovation and technology assessment.

List of Contributors
1. Introduction. A Systemic Perspective: The Innovation Policy Dance
2. Inside the Public Scientific System: Changing Modes of Knowledge Production
3. The Changing Role of the Firm
4. Globalisation and Innovation Systems: Policy Issues
5. Rationales for Public Policy Intervention in the Innovation Process: Systems of Innovation Approach
6. Functionality of Innovation Systems as a Rationale for and Guide to Innovation Policy
7. Reflections on the Co-evolution of Innovation Theory, Policy and Practice: The Emergence of the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems
8. Innovation and Small and Midsize Enterprises: Innovation Dynamics and Policy Strategies
9. Co-evolution of Intellectual Property Protections and Innovation; The Case of'Continuation' Patents in the United States
10. The Use of the Regulatory Framework for Innovation Policy
11. Innovation, Defence and Security
12. Demand-Based Innovation Policy
13. Managing the Soft Side of Innovation: How do Practitioners, Researchers and Policymakers Deal with Service Innovation?
14. The Evolution of Innovation Paradigms and their Influence on Research, Technological Development and Innovation Policy Instruments
15. Innovation and Inequality
16. The Role of Technology Assessment in Systemic Innovation Policy
17. A System-Evolutionary Approach for Innovation Policy
18. An Outlook on Innovation Policy, Theory and Practice
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