"Topics in Radar Signal Processing" ed. by Graham Weinberg

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"Topics in Radar Signal Processing" ed. by Graham Weinberg

"Topics in Radar Signal Processing" ed. by Graham Weinberg
ITExLi | 2018 | ISBN: 1789231213 9781789231212 1789231205 9781789231205 | 265 pages | PDF | 46 MB

This book provides a series of chapters examining some topics in modern radar signal processing. These include synthetic aperture radar, multiple-input multiple-output radar, as well as a series of chapters examining other key issues relevant to the central theme of the book.

Radar has been an important topic since its introduction, in a military context, during World War II. Due to advances in technology, it has been necessary to refine the algorithms employed within the signal processing architecture.

1 Waveform Design and Related Processing for Multiple Target Detection and Resolution
2 Space-Time Transmit-Receive Design for Colocated MIMO Radar
3 Waveform Design for MIMO Radar and SAR Application
4 A 94-GHz Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave Radar Imaging and Motion Compensation
5 Analysis of Coastal Areas Using SAR Images: A Case Study of the Dutch Wadden Sea Region
6 Adaptive Clutter Cancellation Techniques for Passive Radars
7 Sense Smart, Not Hard: A Layered Cognitive Radar Architecture
8 Representation of Radar Micro-Dopplers Using Customized Dictionaries
9 Adaptive Coding, Modulation and Filtering of Radar Signals
10 Bispectrum- and Bicoherence-Based Discriminative Features Used for Classification of Radar Targets and Atmospheric Formations

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