Total Design Over Time: Arup Design Book

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Total Design Over Time: Arup Design Book

Total Design Over Time: Arup Design Book by Wardour Communications
English | June 27, 2016 | ISBN: 0953823962 | 143 pages | AZW3 | 8.25 Mb

Since it was established by Ove Arup in 1946, Arup has been the design, architectural and engineering genius behind many of the world’s leading buildings and urban areas. The team has been pivotal in creating some of the world’s best-known developments: from the groundbreaking Sydney Opera House to the unconventional Centre Pompidou in Paris and Crossrail, the largest construction project in Europe today.

Beyond iconic buildings, Arup’s influence is also in evidence behind the scenes. The hidden hand of the engineer has transformed many of our everyday experiences – often without us knowing. Arup has developed leading fire-safety systems in airports, cooling systems in museums to protect priceless artworks, and its experience with acoustics ensures every note is heard in the world’s leading opera houses.

The book focuses on some of the biggest global issues to arise over the past 70 years. They include the population explosion and subsequent increase in city living, as well as changes in transport patterns that have fuelled the construction of airports, roads, rail and bridges, and even the democratisation of sporting events. Looking at Arup’s work under the lens of these world-shaping events, we show how this is a firm that has not just responded to a changing world, but has anticipated and led many of those changes.

Arup takes its place in society seriously. Collaborations such as the partnership with C40 to tackle climate change are impacting the way future generations will live. Looking to the future, this is a firm that will continue on its mission to shape a better world.

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