Udemy – Work From Home - Guide to a Successful Home Based Business

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Udemy – Work From Home - Guide to a Successful Home Based Business

Udemy – Work From Home - Guide to a Successful Home Based Business
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Discover the Essential Steps Required to Working From Home. Avoid Pitfalls and Plan for a Successful Home Based Business

Course Update 22 October 2015
Over 1200 Students in under the first 36 hours! Thank you for letting me mentor you!
"Good Ideas for Working From Home - I enjoyed this course. It was full of good information, it was organized perfectly, and the instruction was clear and enjoyable to listen to." - Fred Ferguson
You are about to discover the lucrative opportunity of working from home. Thousands of people all around the world have discovered work at home opportunities. Is it your time?
Learn how to spot lucrative work at home opportunities and how to recognize work at home scams. Spotting scams will save you thousands of dollars.
You will find out how economic changes bring incredibly opportunities. Find out how to spot people and businesses most willing to do business with you.
You will be introduced to freelancing opportunities and how you can find some amazing methods to make sure you get paid!
You will discover how to focus on your passions and how to find problems that you can solve with your skills (or easily acquired skills)
There is so much more to learn on how to work from home. Take this course today and learn exactly how to start to work at home successfully.

What are the requirements?
  • Desire and willingness to implement the lessons taught
  • Open mind to learn new skills

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 16 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Recognize work at home opportunities easily
  • Know what to avoid and how to spot work at home scams
  • How to start small and scale your business with minimum risk
  • Implement marketing strategies to grow their work at home business
  • Learn networking strategies and how to get referrals
  • Understand time management and the importance of creating schedules
  • Build Discipline and Routine and How to Minimize Distractions

What is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in building a business from home
  • Anyone passionate about working from home to create additional income
  • Anyone currently working at home that is keen to take it to the next level

Section 1: Why Work From Home?
Lecture 1 Introduction 05:43
Lecture 2 The Work from Home Revolution 03:55
Section 2: How To Spot Opportunities
Lecture 3 Opportunities are Everywhere! 05:41
Section 3: When Do You Quit?
Lecture 4 When Quitting Your Job Makes Sense 05:11
Section 4: Essential Marketing Skills
Lecture 5 Marketing Essentials 04:42
Section 5: Time Management, Networking and Setting Boundaries
Lecture 6 Networking for Work From Home Success 03:08
Lecture 7 Time Management, Proper Planning and Setting Priorities 03:45
Lecture 8 Setting Clear Boundaries 03:27
Lecture 9 Discipline and How To Go BIG 03:48
Section 6: Bonus Material
Lecture 10 Drive - Introduction AUDIO 00:59
Lecture 11 DRIVE - Why Do You Want This? Create a Game Plan to Succeed AUDIO 03:28
Lecture 12 DRIVE - Motivation Hacks That I Discovered that Simply Work AUDIO 03:04
Lecture 13 DRIVE - Deadlines that Move You - The Hidden Secret Behind Deadlines AUDIO 05:06
Lecture 14 DRIVE - Take Action Daily - Little Action Steps Transform into Big Results AUDIO 02:06
Lecture 15 DRIVE - Creating The Clone - The Powerful Technique Learnt in Star Wars AUDIO 02:51
Lecture 16 DRIVE - Expert - How To Become an Expert Instructor Almost Overnight AUDIO 05:38

Udemy – Work From Home - Guide to a Successful Home Based Business

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