"Watermarking, Volume 2" ed. by Mithun Das Gupta

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"Watermarking, Volume 2" ed. by Mithun Das Gupta

"Watermarking, Volume 2" ed. by Mithun Das Gupta
Second Edition
ITAe | 2015 | ISBN: 9535106198 9789535106197 | 283 pages | PDF | 18 MB

This collection of books brings some of the latest developments in the field of watermarking. The current work is split into two books. Volume 2 deals with audio watermarking and describes an array of chapters on performance analysis of algorithms.

Researchers from varied background and expertise propose a remarkable collection of chapters to render this work an important piece of scientific research. The chapters deal with a gamut of fields where watermarking can be used to encode copyright information. The work also presents a wide array of algorithms ranging from intelligent bit replacement to more traditional methods like ICA.

Volume 2 Contents
1 Recent Advances in Watermarking for Scalable Video Coding
2 Perceptual Image Hashing
3 Robust Multiple Image Watermarking Based on Spread Transform
4 Real Time Implementation of Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Image and Video Application
5 Sophisticated Spatial Domain Watermarking by Bit Inverting Transformation
6 Performance Evaluation for IP Protection Watermarking Techniques
7 Using Digital Watermarking for Copyright Protection
8 2D Watermarking: Non Conventional Approaches
9 Audio Watermarking for Automatic Identification of Radiotelephone Transmissions in VHF Maritime Communication
10 Robust Watermarking Framework for High Dynamic Range Images Against Tone-Mapping Attacks
11 Improve Steganalysis by MWM Feature Selection
12 The Digital Watermarking Techniques Applied to Smart Grid Security

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Volume 1 is more traditional in its approach dealing mostly with image watermarking applications.