Wolfson History Prize Collection (2016)

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Wolfson History Prize Collection (2016)

Wolfson History Prize Collection (2016)
ISBN: N/A | 2016 | 30 EPUB + 5 PDF | 502 MB

The Wolfson History Prizes are literary awards given annually in the United Kingdom to promote and encourage standards of excellence in the writing of history for the general public. Prizes are given annually for two or three exceptional works published during the year, with an occasional oeuvre prize (a general award for an individual's distinguished contribution to the writing of history). They are awarded and administered by the Wolfson Foundation, with winning books being chosen by a panel of judges composed of eminent historians.

In order to qualify for consideration, a book must be published in the United Kingdom and the author must be a British subject at the time the award is made and normally resident in the UK. Books should be readable and scholarly and be accessible to the lay reader. Prizes are awarded in the summer following the year of the books' publication; however, until 1987 prizes were awarded at the end of the competition year.

Established in 1972 by the Wolfson Foundation, a UK charitable foundation, they were originally known as the Wolfson Literary Awards.

M.I. Finley-The Ancient Economy-University of California Press (1974).pdf
Robert Bartlett - The Making of Europe - Conquest Colonization and Cultural Change_950-1350_Ral.epub
Mary Soames - Clementine Churchill_Ral.epub
Cyprian Broodbank - The Making of the Middle Sea - A History_Ral.epub
Patricia Hollis - Jennie Lee - A Life_Rsvl.epub
A Savage War of Peace - Alistair Horne.epub
Antonia Fraser - The Weaker Vessel- Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England (epub).epub
Augustine - Robin Lane Fox.epub
Cambridge University Press A Liberal Descent, Victorian Historians and the English Past (1983).pdf
Catherine Merridale-Red Fortress.epub
Enlightenment_Britain and the Creation of the Modern World (2001) - Roy Porter.epub
Fascist Voices - An Intimate History of Mussolini's Italy.epub
Foundations of Modern Political Thought_ Volume 1, The Renaissance, The - Skinner, Quentin.epub
God's Architect - Rosemary Hill.epub
Hitler 1936-1945 - Ian Kershaw.epub
In Command of History - David Reynolds.epub
KL_ A History of the Nazi Conce - Nikolaus Wachsmann.epub
Oxford University Press Framing the Early Middle Ages, Europe and the Mediterranean 400-800 (2005).pdf
Pompeii - Mary Beard.epub
Religion and the Decline of Magic - Keith Thomas.epub
Ring of Steel - Alexander Watson.epub
Russia Against Napoleon - Dominic Lieven.epub
The Eastern Front 1914-1917 - Norman Stone.epub
The Hundred Years War Volume III - Jonathan Sumption.epub
The Kaiser and His Court_ Wilhe - John C. G. Rohl.pdf
The Reformation - Diarmaid MacCulloch.epub
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers - Paul Kennedy.epub
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment ( - Frances A. Yates.epub
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.pdf
The Wages of Destruction - Adam Tooze.epub
Thomas Wyatt_ The Heart's Fores - Susan Brigden.epub
White Mughals.epub

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