Ancient Celts (Concord 6003) (Repost)

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Ancient Celts (Concord 6003) (Repost)

Tim Newark, Angus McBride - Ancient Celts (Concord 6003)
Concord Publications | 1997 | ISBN: 9623616236 | English | PDF | 47 pages | 8.73 MB

Ancient Celts is part of a series of books by Concord Publications about the armies of the ancient world. This series, called the 'Fighting Men 6000' also covers 'Ancient Armies' and 'Barbarians'. This particular book is another fine contribution between Tim Newark and Angus McBride, with Newark writing the text and McBride as the illustrator.

The book itself is not an indepth overview of the Ancient Celts; instead it's a short (47 page) illustrated title on Celtic warriors.
Newark is a good writer, although some of the points he makes are false due to outdated scholarship. He also relies too heavily on Irish mythology and medieval law texts to describe life in Iron Age Europe. Strangely, the accompanying text doesn't always match up with the illustrations - in one section he discusses Boudica's revolt on a page about Dacia, and in another he describes Veneti warships on a page illustrating Celtic Romano-Byzantine mercenaries!
Still, his writing is lively and interesting. The main draw of the book is the brilliant and evocative colour plates by Angus McBride, of which there are 20. They include:

1. Celts on shore of Lake Hallstat, second half of 6th century BC.
2. Celts on shore of Lake Neuchatel, first half of 5th century BC.
3. Hillfort in central Europe, second half of 5th century BC.
4. Celts attack Etruscans, northern Italy , late 4th century BC.
5. Celtic raid on northern Greece, first half of 3rd century BC.
6. Brennos sacks Delphi, first half of 3rd century BC.
7. Celtic mercenaries in Egypt, fist half of 3rd century BC.
8. Gallic refugees in Britain, middle of 1st century BC.
9. Cassivellaunus, British chieftain, middle of 1st century BC.
10. Celts in Roman service burn a Marcomanni village.
11. Dacian Celtic Warriors, 2nd century AD.
12. Dacian village raided by Romans, early 2nd century AD.
13. Celtic marines in Romano-Byzantine service.
14. Romano-Britons battle against Picts.
15. Romano-British Celts corner a Saxon raider.
16. Picts watching the Scots at Dunadd.
17. Irish warriors battle Viking raiders.
18. Brian Boru, Irish Warlord, being shown the head of a Viking.
19. Lord of the Isles at Dunadd, 13th century AD.
20. Gaelic castle, Western isles, 14th century AD.

McBride also provides two additional pages of line drawings illustrating Celtic settlements, weapons and artifacts.

All in all, despite some errors in the text, and the strange references to Dacians as being Celtic, this is probably the finest illustrated title on Iron Age Europe and the Celtic fringe of the Dark Ages. Definately worth getting!