Environmental Chemistry : An Analytical Approach

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Environmental Chemistry : An Analytical Approach

Environmental Chemistry : An Analytical Approach
by Kenneth S. Overway
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1118756975 | 353 Pages | PDF | 8.7 MB

This textbook is intended for a 1-semester, undergraduate environmental chemistry course with a lab component.

Environmental Chemistry: An Analytical Approach provides the essentials for a quantitative environmental chemistry course. After a review of some important topics in general chemistry, students learn about measurement statistics and methods of quantitation so that they are ready for work in the laboratory.

- Provides a review of general chemistry nestled in the story of the Big Bang and the formation of the Earth
- Includes a primer on measurement statistics and quantitative methods to equip students to make measurements in lab
- Encapsulates environmental chemistry in three chapters on the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere
- Describes many instruments and methods used to make common environmental measurements

This book will be of interest to chemistry and environmental science departments who wish to teach quantitative analytical chemistry skills in the context of the environment to science majors.