Lynda - iOS App Development: Apple iCloud API

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Lynda - iOS App Development: Apple iCloud API

Lynda - iOS App Development: Apple iCloud API
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Apple iCloud does more than store your content—it lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more from whichever Apple device you're using. In this course, Todd Perkins shows how to build apps that leverage the storage and remote data access capabilities of iCloud. Todd focuses on three core features—iCloud key-value storage, iCloud documents, and CloudKit. He begins the course by discussing the capabilities and limitations of iCloud key-value storage, and how you can add it to your apps. Next, he explains how to build an iCloud document app that can save and delete data from iCloud Drive. To wrap up the course, Todd helps you understand CloudKit—the iCloud solution for storing and sharing structured app and user data—and how to build a CloudKit project.

* iCloud key-value pairs
* Building a key-value pair project
* Understanding iCloud documents
* Building a iCloud document app
* Creating a subclass of UIDocument
* Saving to iCloud Drive
* Building a CloudKit project
* Using the CloudKit Dashboard
* Fetching records from a database

Lynda - iOS App Development: Apple iCloud API

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