Learn How to Speak English

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Learn How to Speak English

Learn How to Speak English
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The complete course for a beginner

What you'll learn

Speak English
Write English
Start conversations in English
Learn to speak about personal details: family, school and jobs
Learn to speak English in shops and eating out
Learn to speak English on holiday and at the airport
Learn to speak English at the Bank
Learn to speak English when buying or renting a house
Learn to speak English at University
Learn to speak English in Hospitals and making medial appointments
Learn to speak English when reporting a crime
Learn how to speak English when talking about cooking
Learn how to speak English when talking about sports
Learn to speak English when talking about the cinema and movies
Learn to speak English when talking about politics
Learn to speak English when applying for a job and a job interview
Learn to speak English when driving
Learn to speak English when discussing the environment
Study the set practise exercises throughout the course


Beginner English


Learn how to speak English overview


- Learn how to increase your vocabulary, improve on your pronunciation and become a confident English speaker.

- You will be taught by a British instructor from the United Kingdom which who has a clear speaking voice.

- Learn how to use the English language to speak casually in conversation.

- Follow the pattern of a) Learn word: definition and pronunciation b) put into a sentence c) put into a conversation/extended text) practice with exercises. This formula has been proven to work and is used in every section of the course.

- This course is suitable for any age and ability from any country. This course will take you from a basic beginner level of conversational English up to an intermediate level.

- You can take the course at your own pace and use the practice exercises in the course to improve your speaking English

- People who have taken this course have improved their conversational skills in English and speak more clearly.

- Many other courses teach you unnecessary words and phrases that you wont use. This will teach you English that you will use regularly in day to day life.

S1: The basics

S1 L1: Personal details

S1 L2: Family

S1 L3: School

S1 L4: Jobs

S1 L5: Instructions/Directions

S2: Shopping/Eating Out

S2 L1: Food names

S2 L2: At the till/refunds

S2 L3: Drinks and beverages

S2 L4: Restaurants

S2 L5: Retail shopping

S3: Going on Holiday

S3 L1: Booking a holiday

S3 L2: Exchanging currency

S3 L3: Holiday activities

S3 L4: In the Hotel

S3 L5: Reading text related to holidays

S4: At the airport/ Travel

S4 L1: Airport parking

S4 L2: Checking in/Security

S4 L3: Purchasing in an airport

S4 L4: Departing the terminal

S4 L5: On the plane/Entering the country

S5: At the bank/ Finances/Houses

S5 L1: Opening a bank account

S5 L2: Online banking/Transferring money

S5 L3: Applying for a mortgage/Buying a house

S5 L4: Renting accommodation

S5 L5: Paying tax

S6: At a party/Celebration/Event

S6 L1: Vocabulary

S6 L2: Creating conversations

S6 L3: Describing a party

S6 L4: Weddings

S6 L5: Funerals

S7: University/Study

S7 L1: Applying to University

S7 L2: The Library

S7 L3: Lectures/Exams

S7 L4: Student Union/Joining clubs

S7 L5: Halls of residence

S8: Making appointments/Medical/Hospitals

S8 L1: Illness/Medication

S8 L2: The GP Surgery

S8 L3: The Hospital

S8 L4: Mental Health

S9: The Police and Crime

S9 L1: Calling Emergency services

S9 L2: Reporting a crime

S9 L3: Being pulled over by a police officer

S9 L4: Under arrest

S10: Cooking

S10 L1: Reading recipes

S10 L2: Cooking utensils

S10 L3: Baking

S11: Sports

S11 L1: Football

S11 L2: Athletics

S12: Cinema/Watching movies

S12 L1: Going to the cinema/Movies

S13: UK Politics and government

S13 S1: Houses of Parliament

S13 L2: Voting/General Elections

S13 L3: Political Parties

S14: Computers, Phones and Internet

S14 L1: Using computers/Laptops

S14 L2: Phones and messaging

S14 L3: The internet/Social Media

S15: Applying for a job

S15 L1: Job descriptions

S15 L2: Writing a CV

S15 L3: Job Interview

S15 L4: Dismissed from a job/appeals

S16: Transport/Driving

S16 L1: The Highway Code

S16 L2: Taxis

S17: The Environment

S17 L1: The Environment

S18: Practise Exercises

S18 L1: Practise Exercise

Who this course is for:

Beginner English speakers

Learn How to Speak English

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