Animation in PowerPoint 2013 + Animated Video Presentation

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Animation in PowerPoint 2013 + Animated Video Presentation

Animation in PowerPoint 2013 + Animated Video Presentation
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Make 12 Animations, 3D Design, Animated videos presentation in PowerPoint 2013

What's the course about? - This PowerPoint course is about adding quick and easy Animation effects to your PowerPoint presentation. Also you will learn to design and animate 3D shapes with advanced Motion-path Animation effects in PowerPoint.

Simply the core concentrations of this PowerPoint course are Animation and 3D design in PowerPoint presentation.

What kind of materials are included?

> You're provided with 3 premium animated PowerPoint templates ready for your presentation. You just need to replace the default text with your own context.

> Moreover all the PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) files I used to create the course are provided as a resource in Bonus section, with which, you can simultaneously do all the practical PowerPoint tutorial lectures along with me.

> Step-by-step instruction manuals are attached as do-it-yourself projects.

Autumn Gal says - The Instructor's presentation style includes video demonstrations for each project. The step-by-step visual demonstrations along with the downloadable resources make doing the projects on our own much easier. Having PowerPoint open so you can duplicate what the instructor is doing also helps in remembering what you are learning. Good Course for those who want to add 3D shapes and Animation to their presentations.

Social Proof:

> Over 3300+ satisfied students

> Over 40 Positive reviews

> Closed Captions (English Subtitles)

> 3 hours of HD content optimized for mobile viewing

> 3 premium PowerPoint templates to kick-start your presentation

> Course Completion Certificate

> 30 Days money back guarantee - No questions asked!

> Install Udemy App and Download all Lectures for Offline viewing

> Above all - Instructor with 'Lightning speed' badge holder for his fast response time and support

How long will the course take to complete?

If you're a beginner to PowerPoint or Animation, start from the Section 1.
If you're an intermediate user in PowerPoint, skip Section 3.

So if you want to consume this course in a relaxed manner you can complete in 2 days (1 - 2 hours a day).

> Take Section 1 - 7 in Day 1. You will get accustomed to all the advanced techniques that we're using in practical lectures.

> Take Section 8 - 11 in Day 2. This portion covers all the practical lectures, projects and Quiz. Once you complete this portion you will know 'How to apply the techniques that you learn in Section 1 - 7.

> Section 12 is DIY Projects: Complete Step by step instructions to do all the practical lectures by yourself

> Section 13 is Bonus section, where you're provided with all the materials mentioned above.

Dr. Shandra Terrell Williams says - This course is well-organized. The lectures are interesting and each slide represents advanced PowerPoint techniques. This course demonstrates engineering type thinking made plain enough for everyone to understand. I highly recommend everyone to take the course. It is well worth it and is a definite career boost! Thank you Arun for the course.

How is the course structured?

This course is effectively organized into appropriate sections. Step-by-step approach is followed in each practical lecture to keep you engaged till the end. Every lecture has an animated introduction of 'What will you learn in this lecture', which helps you to pace up your speed. It helps you to reason, 'why a particular step is done?'

1. Animation in PowerPoint

> Animating Shapes with preset effects - Shape Animation Basics (Section 2)

> Animating Text with preset effects - Typography Animation (Section 3)

> Customizing preset Animation effects - Advanced Customization of Animation (Section 4)

> Slide transition effects (Section 5)

> Motion path Animation effects (Section 7)

> Practical tutorials in Advanced Motion-path Animations (Section 8)

> Animation in Video Presentation (New > Section 9)

2. Design 3D shapes & Text styles in PowerPoint

> Creating 3D Design and WordArt in PowerPoint (Section 10)

> Transformation & Integration of Typography with 3D shapes (Section 11)

3. DIY Projects (Section 12)

What's so Special about this PowerPoint course!

> You will learn basic to advanced concepts in the areas of shapes, Word Art, Smart Art and Animation.

> Necessary pan-zoom and call-out features of Camtasia studio are used in various places of the lectures for your added convenience.

> Starting with basic elements involved in PowerPoint, you will learn to use and customize ready-made presets in Shapes, Word Art, Smart Art and Motion-path Animation. You will get expertise in creating 3D shapes, blending them with Word Art, adding professional touch to those shapes, Dynamic process flow diagrams and custom Motion-path Animation.

> By the end of this course you can create astounding PowerPoint presentations or Udemy lectures using the ready-made bonus PowerPoint templates, within minutes.

> You can create your unique Custom shapes, Custom Animation, custom process flow diagrams and dynamic block diagrams & also give life to your imaginary ideas through Motion-path Animation.

> Once you complete the course, you will get a Course Completion Certificate

Animation in PowerPoint 2013 + Animated Video Presentation