Find & Flip eBay & Amazon Products Using Smart Phone Apps

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Find & Flip eBay & Amazon Products Using Smart Phone Apps

Find & Flip eBay & Amazon Products Using Smart Phone Apps
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Specific, high-demand, high-profit products you can source (for flipping on Amazon & eBay) using new smartphone apps!

What is the newest, hottest way to source, find and flip high-demand, high-profit merchandise from the comfort of your home?

I call it "Smartphone Sourcing" and, put simply, it allows you to use a few smartphone apps to buy locally and then sell globally for big profits!


"I am an eBay seller and I am always looking out for different ways to source items. Dave's course provides an excellent avenue to do so from the comfort of your home. His lectures are easy to follow and very thorough. His material provides many examples of items that would sell very well on eBay and Amazon. He even teaches the student how to close deals which by itself is a huge golden nugget. In terms of the amount of valuable material his course provides, I would give it 5 1/2 stars. Thank you, Dave for another outstanding course!" -Salma Ali

The secret sauce is NOT in the 3 apps you'll be using, (in fact, I tell you all about them in the free preview of this course that I've unlocked for you below) but in HOW you'll be using these apps to find the BEST, and MOST PROFITABLE products you can buy today and flip today for big, quick profits.

It's a simple three step process:

Download the apps I recommend
Using the specific searches I teach you about, (along with the special "cheat sheet" that includes even more items to search for) find and buy these items locally.
List the items on eBay or Amazon for FAST, BIG PROFITS!

It's really that simple!

Want the fastest cash?

List the items on eBay, where your high-demand items can sell within minutes or hours.


Instant cash in your PayPal account! (When you get a PayPal debit card, this means instant SPENDABLE cash on your debit card)

Want to buy large wholesale lots for Amazon FBA?

You can do it with Smartphone Sourcing - I'll show you how.

This is a power-packed course that will give you:

The best apps to get and how to download them to your smartphone
The best ways to search and specific, high-demand, high-profit merchandise to search for
A "cheat sheet" that gives you the best categories and best search terms to use for even more success
What to do on your initial contact with the seller to ensure that you get the merchandise and no one else does
Proven negotiation strategies (that I've perfected over 40 years) that will get you the best deals, giving you more profit per deal
How to uncover even more deals from the same seller

This power-packed course will show you everything you need to know to make "Smartphone Sourcing" a valuable part of your Amazon / eBay product sourcing repertoire!

Find & Flip eBay & Amazon Products Using Smart Phone Apps