Step by step guide to API.AI

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Step by step guide to API.AI

Step by step guide to API.AI
2017 | English | ASIN: B06Y17TWZN | 117 pages | PDF + EPUB (conv) | 3.69 Mb

This book is based on a series of posts I wrote on my blog, which in turn came about as a result of a question I saw on an online forum, where someone asked if there were any step by step guides. While the core material is similar, the book is formatted and edited a bit more, and it includes some additional material such as troubleshooting tips for beginners.

When I began learning API.AI, I sometimes felt that many of the online resources do not really take a step by step approach – here, by step-by-step I mean an approach where they focus on one thing at a time as they teach. In some ways, I wrote the book I wanted to read while I was getting started.

I also make some assumptions about my reader:
- You already know what a chatbot is and what it can do
- You have spent at least some time trying to build an agent in API.AI and know what the Default Welcome Intent and Default Fallback Intent are, and have seen them work in practice
- You feel the existing resources to learn API.AI are not very structured

This book will take you from a beginner to about intermediate level as an API.AI programmer. You will also learn about some of the basic principles behind chatbot programming independent of the bot building framework you use. For example, reading this book will probably help you better understand other frameworks such as, and the Microsoft Bot Framework, and also help you compare and contrast between them.

There is no code in this book - writing a book covering the topic of programming API.AI could be an entire book all by itself.