Camtasia 9 Quick Start

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Camtasia 9 Quick Start

Camtasia 9 Quick Start
English | 2017 | ASIN: B072MW3M2C | 157 pages | PDF + EPUB (conv) | 4.67 Mb

Have you already produced Screencasts or are you planning to create such videos?

In this Book you learn to record screencasts with Camtasia 9, edit and produce them. Additionally you get many tips & tricks that will help you create better screencasts.

What is Camtasia 9?

Camtasia 9 is an intuitiv and powerful software for creating b>Screencasts - also called video captures. Besides the production of screencasts, you can also use Camtasia 9 to edit videos from your smartphone, webcam or another digital camera.

How is the Book structured?

This Book guides you from the planning and preparation to the recording and editing up to the production process. The main purpose of this Book is not to explain the use of each individual function of Camtasia 9 but to efficiently create impressive screencasts in a short amount of time. Presumably you will never need some of the functions and settings in Camtasia. That’s why in this ebook, we focus on getting you started quickly and create stunning videos.
The structure is based on how I created more than 1000 screencasts with Camtasia since 2007. At the beginning, we will think about what we want to show in the screencast to which audience and develop a script for our video. In the chapter preparation, we prepare our recording environment. This includes the configuration of our system, the organization of files and the choice of a good recording environment without disturbance. Next we will record our screen and the voice over in the chapter recording. In the editing chapter we start with the basic video editing and remove small errors and pauses. Then we import the voice over into our project and synchronize the voice over with our video. Finally, we give our video a professional touch by adding translations, animations, graphics and many more stunning effects.

This is what you learn in this book:

What is Camtasia and what's new in Camtasia 9?

How to produce great screencasts

How to create a script?

How to adjust my recording environment for recording the screencasts?

How to record the screen, the voice over and optionally my webcam?

What are the most important steps to create a stunning video?

How to produce my video in the best quality?