Sexual Frequency: Does Your Walk Satisfactory?

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Sexual Frequency: Does Your Walk Satisfactory?

Sexual Frequency: Does Your Walk Satisfactory?
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Sexual frequency: Does your walk satisfactory?

The quantity may vary depending on age and type of relationship, but as the subject is gender, each person will know their optimal frequency

Who talks about sex with friends or participates in discussions around here might have gone out with some doubts. After all, what sexual frequency would be considered "normal"? Some people say they need sex constantly, another plot is quieter on the subject, getting to keep for longer periods without the activity.
And that's where the doubts arise. As in almost everything related to sex, when you see that other people do not behave in the same way, their certainties can shudder. And also like everything in sex, this frequency is a personal matter and depends on the experiences and needs of each one.
In fact, female sexual frequency has intimate relationships with her moment of life, with the kind of relationship the woman is experiencing, in addition to past sexual experiences, explains