Learn basic Linux |Unix Commands from scratch

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Learn basic Linux |Unix Commands from scratch

Learn basic Linux |Unix Commands from scratch
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Practical Unix / Linux - Useful Commands for beginners

This is a very basic absolute beginners introductory course to Linux |Unix.

The course introduces you to how to use a Linux|Unix terminal and commands .
You will learn how to install Linux in a virtual environment.

The topics covered include:

Installing Oracle Virtualbox
Installing Ubuntu
Using some basic Linux commands
How to add new users
How to delete users
How to change passwords
Linux file system
Introduction to Unix
Flavours of Unix
Parts of Unix
The Kernel
The Shell
Unix Terminal

Unix is an operating system that is known for multi user and multitasking. Linux is a variant of Unix.
It was created in the 1960's by group of engineers who worked at AT&T Bell research labs.

UNIX has become kind of open source with different companies ,organisations and even individuals creating their own versions from the open source versions. Although there are different flavors of Unix they also

share common similarities hence knowing one flavor of Unix makes it easy to learn or pick up another variant of the operating system fairy quickly.

Some of the popular variants of Unix operating system available include Solaris, Red Hat, Fedora ,Ubuntu,and Linux. There are several more this is just a brief mention of the varieties available. some of these variants can be installed both on servers and desktops or workstations.

Unix operations are usually done using UNIX commands through a Unix terminal ,however there are some variants of Unix that has a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) like Microsoft windows operating system

In this course we will be using Ubuntu's terminal to execute out Linux commands

Taking this course will give you a basic Unix skill that you can develop further.

Learn basic Linux |Unix Commands from scratch