Udemy – Patient Beginners Brief Introduction To C# 2015

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Udemy – Patient Beginners Brief Introduction To C# 2015

Udemy – Patient Beginners Brief Introduction To C# 2015
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Learn the fundamentals of C# With Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft C# is a powerful programming language used widely in the professional world. In this course, you get a preview of just some of what's possible with this language. To complete this course, you need about six hours, and you must use Visual Studio 2015. Previous versions of Visual Studio will not work. This course is rich in vocabulary that is specific to programming. I show you what these words mean both conceptually, and in real code. Each lesson is a video, a numbered lecture description, and and attached color PDF version of the code. Some lessons also have additional examples of a more advanced type stored in the supplementary materials area. If your objective is to learn about C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Objected Oriented Programming, and you understand that learning things properly the first time takes time and effort, then this is absolutely the right course for you. Let's begin!

What are the requirements?

You must be able to download and install Visual Studio Community 2015
You cannot complete this course with previous versions of Visual Studio
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 50 lectures and 6 hours of content!
Understand how to create and run simple Console program
Learn how to create and use variables
Learn about several different data types, and why they are needed
Operate on variables using basic mathematical operators, and see when this is not possible
Control program flow with simple if/else blocks, while loops, switch blocks
Understand the difference between for loops and foreach loops
Describe how to use several different logical operators
Understand how to use unary and binary operators, and the ternary operator
Learn how to construct methods, and why they help
Understand how to use the dynamic keyword, and var keywords to save time
Learn how to construct simple classes and instantiate them
See how to use constructors, properties and static and object fields
Learn how to polymorphism helps to write less code
Understand why virtual methods are needed, and how to create them
Learn how to create abstract classes, and why they matter
Get a small preview of the power of lists, and generics with LINQ
Understand how many methods inside the string class can be used
Learn how to group related functionality together with name spaces
What is the target audience?

This is not a course for intermediate students
This is not a course for advanced students
This is a course for beginning students

Udemy – 			  		   	  			     	 			   		  	   		   	  		  	   	 			   			  	  		  	   	 			   		  	   		  		  		 	 				 Patient Beginners Brief Introduction To C# 2015