TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course

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TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course

TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course
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How To Become a TOGAF® Enterprise Architect (Level 1 Foundation) Faster With Accelerated Learning & Exam Prep Techniques

TOGAF 9.1 is the leading industry enterprise architecture framework.

A TOGAF 9.1 Certified Background means your skills are being searched for right now at a premium. According to the 2015 IT Skills and Certifications Pay IndexTM ,TOGAF Certification is a qualification which commands premium pay.

Given Enterprise Architecture is growing in importance (and here to stay), this is fantastic for your career (and wallet) prospects.

This course will teach you what you need to know to sit and successfully pass the TOGAF Certification exam (Foundation Level 1 OG0-091) with the help of accelerated learning techniques. It covers the entire Foundation curriculum focusing heavily on the Architecture Development Method (ADM) - the core of TOGAF.

The bonus lecture "Your Career Boost Bonus" will help you maximise your TOGAF knowledge and keep your motivation levels high to complete the course.

TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.

Course Goals

Primary Goal: To help you pass the TOGAF 9.1 Foundation Exam
Secondary Goal: is to deepen your learning using accelerated learning techniques.
Tertiary goal: For you to have fun learning!
Course Description

The course has been created to take advantage of accelerated learning techniques such as

Mind Maps
Video & Audio
Practice Revision Exams
Practice Revision Crosswords
to make your learning experience more enjoyable and more effective.

It is structured into 43 lectures (primarily videos) covering the examination curriculum with supplemental learning materials including 15 Practice Exams & 10 Knowledge tests to test your knowledge in detail.

Course Overview

The Core TOGAF Concepts
TOGAF Terms & Definitions
The Architecture Development Method (ADM)
The Enterprise Continuum & Tools
Architecture Governance
TOGAF Reference Models
Enterprise Building Blocks & Deliverables
These are the areas tested in the examination curriculum, we will focus on helping you learn what you need to know to pass the examination. There are plenty of class-room based courses out there costing thousands of pounds/dollars and I am confident this course stacks up to each and every one - at a fraction of the cost.

What Will You Learn?

The knowledge to successfully sit the TOGAF Foundation (Level 1) Exam
To understand TOGAF Standard Basic Concepts
To understand TOGAF Standard Core Concepts
To understand the main TOGAF Terms & Definitions
To understand the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
To understand the ADM Guidelines & Techniques
To understand the Enterprise Continuum & Tools
To understand Architecture Governance
To understand the TOGAF Reference Models
To understand the importance of Enterprise Architecture Building Blocks
To understand the Deliverables used across the ADM
How will Accelerated Learning Help You

This course has near 4.5 hours of video and audio to help you make sense of the TOGAF specification. You can of course go off and read the specification on your own, but you will find the specification is written in a very dry (technically "correct") and difficult to consume format.

The primary focus of the course is to help you pass the exam by covering/revising the specific areas of the TOGAF specification examined. This will help shave time off your own study efforts but the longer term goal of the course is to help you truly understand, retain and apply the material in your career.

This is why the course contains Mind Maps, Revision Crosswords as well as 25 practice exams and knowledge tests.

In addition, there is a bonus 12 month follow up email series which will regularly get you to test your knowledge so you retain and build upon your knowledge. You are investing a good amount of time to prepare for this Enterprise Architect exam - it would be a waste if it ended when you left the exam room.

The accelerated learning resources and techniques in this course will help you pass your exam but more importantly learn faster, better and build upon your knowledge in the long term.

TOGAF® Certification,Accelerated Enterprise Architect Course