Trigonometry Part 2 (Algebra 2 Unit 2)

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Trigonometry Part 2 (Algebra 2 Unit 2)

Trigonometry Part 2 (Algebra 2 Unit 2)
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A guide to all things trigonometry - part 2! Topics include Angle Measures, Radians, and Using the Unit Circle

This is the entire second Algebra 2 Unit - Trigonometry Part 2. In the 1st Unit of Trigonometry, you learned about the 6 trigonometric functions - when and how to use them to solve problems. In this unit, you will learn about the Unit circle and how to find trig functions of non-acute angles.

This unit is broken into 5 lessons (as described below).

Lesson 1 - Angle Measures
Lesson 2 - The Unit Circle and Radian Measures
Lesson 3 - Key Angles on the Unit Circle
Lesson 4 - Using the Unit Circle
Lesson 5 - Quadrants III and IV Reference Angles

Each lesson comes with:
a.) A video describing the topic
b.) A video quiz for students to take that directly mirrors the video
c.) A section quiz that has similar types of problems as the video and video quiz, but they are different (and often more difficult) questions
d.) Answer keys

Please make sure to complete unit 1 before attempting this unit, as it builds off of concepts learned in Unit 1.

Trigonometry Part 2 (Algebra 2 Unit 2)