Terry Pratchett - Discworld Book Series

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Terry Pratchett - Discworld Book Series

Terry Pratchett - Discworld Book Series
English | 1983 - 2015 | MOBI,EPUB | 46 books | 38 Mb

The beginning of the hilarious and irreverent series that has more than 80 million copies worldwide, The Color of Magic is where we meet tourist Twoflower and wizard guide Ricewind, and follow them on their always-bizarre journeys.

A writer who has been compared to Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams, Sir Terry Pratchett has created a complex, yet zany world filled with a host of unforgettable characters who navigate around a profound fantasy universe, complete with its own set of cultures and rules.

The Colour of Magic (1983) (Rincewind)
The Light Fantastic (1986) (Rincewind)
Equal Rites (1987) (Witches)
Mort (1987) (Death)
Sourcery (1988) (Rincewind)
Wyrd Sisters (1988) (Witches)
Pyramids (1989) (One-off)
Guards! Guards! (1989) (City Watch)
Faust Eric (1990) (Rincewind)
Moving Pictures (1990) (One-off)
Reaper Man (1991) (Death)
Witches Abroad (1991) (Witches)
Small Gods (1992) (One-off)
Lords and Ladies (1992) (Witches)
Troll Bridge (1992) (Short story)
Men at Arms (1993) (City Watch)
Theatre of Cruelty (2011)
Soul Music (1994) (Death)
Interesting Times (1994) (Rincewind)
Maskerade (1995) (Witches)
Feet of Clay (1996) (City Watch)
Hogfather (1996) (Death)
Jingo (1997) (City Watch)
The Last Continent (1998) (Rincewind)
Carpe Jugulum (1998) (Witches)
The Sea and Little Fishes (1998) (Short story)
The Fifth Elephant (1999) (City Watch)
The Truth (2000) (One-off)
Thief of Time (2001) (Death)
The Last Hero (2001) (Rincewind, although this is debatable)
The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents (2001) (One-off)
Night Watch (2002) (City Watch)
Death and What Comes Next (2002) (Short story)
The Wee Free Men (2003) (Tiffany Aching)
Monstrous Regiment (2003) (One-off)
A Hat Full of Sky (2004) (Tiffany Aching)
Going Postal (2004) (Post Office)
Thud! (2005) (City Watch)
Where's my cow (2005)
Wintersmith (2006) (Tiffany Aching)
Making Money (2007) (Post Office)
Unseen Academicals (2009) (The Wizards, Rincewind)
I Shall Wear Midnight (2010) (Tiffany Aching)
Snuff (2011) (City Watch / Sam Vimes)
Raising Steam (2013) (Post office)
The Shepherd's Crown (2015) (Tiffany Aching)