Photoshop User TV Collection (Volume 3)

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Photoshop User TV Collection (Volume 3)

Photoshop User TV Collection (Volume 3)
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The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski. Presented by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).


Photoshop TV Episode 56
So What Have We Learned:
- Scott shows you a quick way to keep only part of your image in color and make the rest black and white.
- Corey demonstrates how to make a rose from scratch.
- Dave has the perfect finishing touch using textures and the Displacement Map

Photoshop TV Episode 57
Okay, back to work!
So What Have We Learned?
- Matt shows you how to use Photoshop to create websites using the Slice tool and Slice Select tool.
- Scott helps you undo the turkey and dressing with the Pinch and Transform tools.
- By request, Dave puts a stationary car into motion with Motion and Radial blurs.

Photoshop TV Episode 58
Tips, Tricks and more Holiday Gadgets
So What Have We Learned:
- Dave has a tutorial on making a magnifying glass effect using Layers and simple selection techniques.
- Scott shows you how to shoot digital photography tethered with Lightroom using Watched Folders.
- Matt has a simple way to add color to an old black and white photo.

Photoshop TV Episode 59
New Tips and Your Questions Answered
So What Have We Learned:
- Matt shows you how to correct eyes using adjustment levels and Layers masks
- Dave gives you the ins and outs of working with spot colors
- In our special Q&A segment, learn about embedded profile mismatches, going from CMYK to RGB, using the color ker to create a color range and merging layers with different blending modes

Photoshop TV Episode 60
Ho, Ho, WHOA! CS3 Hits the Streets!
Under the Hood of Photoshop CS3:
- Black and White Filter
- New Exporting Options
- Zoomify
- Smart Filters
- Multiple Plain Vanishing Point
- New Palette Well
- Refine Edge Feature

Photoshop TV Episode 61
Happy Holidays from everyone at Photoshop TV!
So What Have We Learned:
- Matt shows you a nondestructive way to dodge and burn your photos
- Scott demonstrates how to turn an ordinary product shot into a catalog-ready image
- Dave shows you how to make a realistic backdrop for a model

Photoshop TV Episode 62
Ring in the New Year with some new tips and tricks
So What Have We Learned:
- Dave demonstrates how to distort type without losing quality by converting it to shapes
- Matt shows you how to put the name of the file at the bottom of each image in your PDF presentation - all with a simple script available here
- Scott has some handy tips for portrait retouching and brightening eyes by using Layers masks

Photoshop TV Episode 63
Tips, tricks and…Jazz Hands?
So What Have We Learned:
- Matt shows you how to create a ray of light using the Polar Coordinates filter
- Scott uses levels to recreate a splash screen with a ghost effect
- Dave puts hair light into a head-shot with Outer Glow and a 0% fill technique

Photoshop TV Episode 64
Photoshop TV has a Spin-Off!
So What Have We Learned:
- Dave gives you the low-down on Photoshop CS3’s Black and White conversion functions
- Because he cares, Matt gives us a primer on using levels to enhance and restore photos
- Special guest, Fay Sirkis, has a brilliant demonstration of Corel Painter
- The Photoshop Lad, Corey Barker, breaks down the Clipping Mask

Photoshop TV Episode 65
Who was that floating man?
So What Have We Learned?
- Matt shows you how to create funky 3D text effects using simple strokes and the Warp tool
- Dave demonstrates some of the functions in Photoshop you may never have used before - Apply Image
Ask the Photoshop Guys:
Matt and Dave answer some questions we’ve received from viewers:
- How do you make your own custom color gradient?
- How do you unlink the Layers Mask?

Photoshop TV Episode 66
Photographers, this one’s for you!
So What Have We Learned:
- Dave automates adding watermarks to your photos with Smart Objects and a handy Action
- Scott shows you how to edit JPG, TIFF and Camera RAW images with Photoshop CS3
- Matt creates a panorama from a not-so-panoramic image with the Crop tool

Photoshop TV Episode 67
Make Your Photos POP!
So What Have We Learned:
- Scott shows you the best new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Target Adjustment Tool, Keyword Stamper, Virtual Copies and Tone Curve.
- Matt shows you how to use the Hue and Saturation in Adjustment Layers.
- Dave uses Free Transform for repeat Actions and across multiple Layers.

Photoshop TV Episode 68
The Return of Choppy Hands
So What Have We Learned:
- Dave shows you how to make letterman style lettering with the Contract tool and Texturizer. Thanks to the good people at for the groovy, free fonts.
- By request, Matt demonstrates using the Healing Brush tool and the Clone Stamp to repair old, damaged photos.
- Special Guest, Ben Wilmore, pops by and brings along a tutorial on combining two photos with different tones and hues.
- Scott has a man-on-the-street report from the Lightroom Workshop at the Digital Technology Centre in Sarasota, Florida.

Photoshop TV Episode 69
Creating Great Effects
So What Have We Learned?
- Dave shows you how to make virtually perfect selections using the Channels pallette.
- Special guest, Bert Monroy changes a regular donut into a drippy jelly donut with the Clone Stamp tool.
- Matt gives a model a quick nose job with the Pinch filter.

Photoshop TV Episode 70
A very warped episode
So What Have We Learned:
- The Photoshop Lad, Corey Barker, makes realistic sparks with a Dissolve brush and the Warp tool.
- Matt shows you how to create a perfect reflection with Free Transform, Layer masks and Zig Zag.
- Special guest, Joe McNally pops by with a great demonstration of lighting techniques with theNikon SB-800.
- Dave creates a wine label with Smart Objects and the Warp tool.

Photoshop TV Episode 71
Variety is the se of life!
So What Have We Learned?
- Matt gives a side-by-side comparison of Smart Sharpen and the Unsharp Mask and helps you decide which one is best for your images.
- Corey uses Color Burn, Layer Styles and the Plastic Wrap filter to set a piece of paper on fire.
- Special guest, Anne Cahill of Nikon Professional Services shows you how to set your digital camera to make the most of remote flashes.
- Dave has a tip on automatically creating Layer masks to combine two images.

Photoshop TV Episode 72
A very Lad episode of Photoshop TV
So What Have We Learned:
- Corey shows you how to make a James Bond style screen effect using the Fibers, Cutout and Twirl filters.
- Special guest, Felix Nelson puts a showroom finish on a car with Shadow/Highlight adjustments and Levels.
- By request, Corey demonstrates how to create an Andy Warhol style effect with a psychedelic animation effect.

Photoshop TV Episode 73
Lad, Part Deux, The Sequel
So What Have We Learned:
- Felix shows you how to recreate the Scanner Darkly effect with Poster Edges and strokes. Tip courtesy of Margie Rosenstein.
- Corey demonstrates the multiple plane feature in Photoshop CS3’s Vanishing Point filter while creating a cool, abstract background.
- Felix turns a flat image into a 3D magazine spread with highlights and gradients.
- Plus! The Top 10 Reasons You Might be a Photoshop Addict, courtesy of NAPP forum members.

Photoshop TV Episode 74
They’re Back!
So What Have We Learned:
- Matt has a very detailed look at the ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) exam and shows you how to prepare for it.
- Dave shows you how to bring focus to a photo’s subject in Photoshop CS3 with Quick Selection.
- Scott creates a product shot out of two different images and blend modes.

Photoshop TV Episode 75
Pre-Photoshop World Goodness
So What Have We Learned:
- Scott uses adjustments, filters, and free transform to create a professional looking product shot, and tells you how to easily compare photos in camera raw
- Matt details how to remove a color cast using curves
-Dave shows you how to fix your photos’ colors in a slightly different way, and then how to apply it to many photos using automation

Photoshop TV Episode 76
Tightly Scripted? Nah!
So What Have We Learned?
- Dave has a tutorial on creating and editing your own gradients
- Scott shows you how to make a stylized logo by manipulated text, shapes and Gaussian Blur
- Matt has a different way to create an edge effect using different brushes and the Layer mask
- Scott has a quick Curves effect for creating black and white portraits

Photoshop TV Episode 77
Back From Photoshop World
So What Have We Learned?
- Matt breaks down the process for creating a fun and easy product display that he saw on a roadside billboard.
- Corey answers a viewer request to explain a technique that uses the Gradient tool and filters to create a retro, ’70s effect on a portrait photo.

Photoshop TV Episode 78
Home Alone
So What Have We Learned?
- Corey shares a fun technique for creating the numbers in a digital clock and having it countdown using the Animation palette.
- Matt demonstrates a useful trick for extending the canvas and using a gradient to create some extra space in your image for text.
-Matt also answers a request from a Photoshop World Conference attendee and explains how to make realistic bubbles in Photoshop.

Photoshop TV Episode 79
It’s the Matt and Laddy Show
So What Have We Learned?
- Matt goes through the process for exporting images from Lightroom. He touches on the Develop Module, adjusting white balance and using the exposure sliders, as well as many of the options in the export dialog.
- Corey shares a technique for creating an image wall effect and shows us why using a Smart Object makes it easier to go back and adjust the image later.
-Corey also has a keyboard shortcut for clearing the monitor and displaying your images in full screen.