The Pragmatic Studio - Ruby Programming Online Video Course

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The Pragmatic Studio - Ruby Programming Online Video Course

The Pragmatic Studio - Ruby Programming Online Video Course
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Instructors: Mike and Nicole Clark

Learn how to pragmatically write and design Ruby programs in this step-by-step, project-based course.

You'll discover how to build your own Ruby program from beginning to end, incorporate Ruby principles and techniques in your design, write your own Ruby gem, and make sense of the “magic” behind Rails. All of the topics and syntax in this course work seamlessly with both Ruby 2.0 and 1.9.

Learn & Become More Confident With Ruby Hands-On

For new Ruby and Rails programmers who want to learn Ruby, or become more confident with Rails, this course is designed just for you!

New to OO programming
Perhaps you're looking to jump-start your programming career, join a Ruby/Rails project, or simply learn enough about OO programming to interface with developers. It all starts here! You'll learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming the Ruby way through live coding, animated visuals, and hands-on exercises. No prior programming experience is assumed.

New to the Ruby programming language
Maybe you've been intrigued by Ruby, but haven't yet had the opportunity to learn it comprehensively from beginning to end. Here's your chance to dive in. You'll learn all the things you'd expect in an OO language, as well as the things that make Ruby unique so you can exploit its true power.

New to the Rails web application framework
Perhaps your goal is to write (or maintain) web applications with Rails. You'll have a much smoother ride once you're handy with the Ruby language. By taking this course, you'll understand some of the "magic" behind Rails and, more important, you'll be in a better position to use it to your advantage.

Familiar with Ruby
If you've dabbled with Ruby here and there, but you're wondering if you're using Ruby to its full potential, this course will help you put it all together. Ruby is different than other languages, and to get the most out of Ruby you'll need to use different programming techniques. You'll learn how to design flexible Ruby programs using modules, mixins, dynamic typing, blocks and iterators, and so on.

The Pragmatic Studio - Ruby Programming Online Video Course