Sawyer, Alan R., "Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection"

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Sawyer, Alan R., "Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection"

Sawyer, Alan R., "Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection"
Metropolitan Museum of Art/NYGraphic Society | 1966 | ISBN: N/A | English | PDF | 144 pages | 25.9 Mb

Peru occupies the central portion of the mighty Andean mountain chain that closely parallels the western edge of South America. Here the blue Pacific pounds a narrow ribbon of surf against a 1,300-mile-long coast of jagged rocks and empty beaches. The narrow coastal plain is an ashen desert crowded by parched mountain spurs, which rise in awesome crescendo to lofty snow-capped peaks. The highest, Mt. Huascaran, over 22,200 feet in altitude and only sixty miles from the sea, forms part of the continental watershed. Cool winds from offshore are heated by the sun-scorched desert and, taking rather than giving moisture, rise upward as they move inland, until at last the altitude wrings them dry. Most of the precipitation flows rapidly into tributaries of the Amazon, which reach like tentacles into the heart of the mountains, drawing off moisture to be lavished on steaming jungle and swamp. Only a fraction of the water drains toward the Pacific, through about forty steep-walled valleys, many of which are dry much of the year. The fact that this arid mountain-crowded zone between jungle and sea gave rise to some of the most splendid of ancient American civilizations is a tribute to man's extraordinary ability to cooperate with his kind to overcome the most hostile of environments.
Map of Peru

1. Introduction

Chronological Chart
The North Coast

2. The Formative Period


3. Mochica Chronology

Mochica I
Mochica II
Mochica III
Mochica IV
Mochica V

4. Mochica Ceramic Art

Figure Vessels
Modes of Representation

5. Other North Coast Styles

Highland Inca
The South Coast

6. The Great Discovery

7. The Early Ceramic Period

8. The Formative Paracas Period

9. The Ocucaje Early Paracas Style

10. The Ocucaje Middle Paracas Style

11. A Re-examination of "Necropolis"

12. The Late Paracas Period at Ocucaje

13. The Proto-Nazca Period

14. The Juan Pablo Style

The Juan Pablo Feline Mask Motif
The Juan Pablo Feline Figure Motif
The Juan Pablo Fox Motif
The Juan Pablo Falcon Motif
The Juan Pablo Vencejo Motif
Additional Notes on the Juan Pablo Style

15. The Callango Style

The Callango Feline Motif
The Callango Falcon Motif
The Callango Fox Motif
The Callango Double-headed Serpent Motif
The Callango Human Face Motif

16. The Nazca Culture

17. The Early Nazca Style

18. The Middle Nazca Style

19. The Late Nazca Style

20. The Nazca-Wari Style

21. Late South Coast Periods

Color Keys
Notes on the Illustrations
Selected Bibliography

Sawyer, Alan R., "Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection"