Sukhoi Fitters in Action (Squadron Signal 1090) (Repost)

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Sukhoi Fitters in Action (Squadron Signal 1090) (Repost)

Hans-Heiri Staffer, Perry Manley - Sukhoi Fitters in Action
Squadron/Signal Publications | 1989 | ISBN: 0897472144 | English | 51 pages | PDF | 10.19 MB
Aircraft Number 90

Remembering different Soviet Aircraft can be confusing. The MiG fighter planes are usually the best remembered. One of MiG bureau's main competitors is the Sukhoi Bureau, which made the Su - 7 series of fighter bombers, Su-25 Close Air Support plane (similar to our A-10) and the most famous, the Su-27 Flanker.
Part of the confusion comes from NATO code names of these planes. All Su-7 and variants are called "Fitter". This book explains in one page and answers a lot of the questions. The early history and development of the Su -7 fighter bomber are covered, along with excellent line drawings, B&W photos (some grainy) of the planes and 2 pages of color plates to show camouflage schemes.