Technology of Tanks (Volumes 1-2)

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Technology of Tanks (Volumes 1-2)

Richard M. Ogorkiewicz - Technology of Tanks (Volumes 1-2)
Jane's Information Group | 1991 | ISBN: 0710605951 | 438 pages | PDF | 9.04 MB

A specialist on armoured vehicles has produced this book on tank technology. Richard M. Ogorkiewicz examines the major aspects of tank design, from the ballistics of tank guns and fire control systems, tank engines, steering systems and suspensions to the various types of armour. He also examines the impact of guided missiles on tank development, different facets of mobility and cross country performance, and innovations such as electromagnetic and thermal guns and active armour. The technology of tanks is put into perspective by an outline of the evolution of tanks and an up-to-date review of their development throughout the world - from the USA and USSR through to new developments in Brazil and South Korea.