Pandoras Box

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Pandoras Box

Pandora's Box - Game of the Year Edition
Puzzle | 640 MB | English
by Microsoft Games 1999

Pandoras Box

The overall storyline that gives information on mythology and the places you travel, adds to the worldly feel that should educate and delight anyone who enjoys a challenging game. With such a recognizable figure at the helm of Pandora's Box, Alexey Pajitnov looks poised to reinvent himself and the genre he made so popular with Tetris."

System Requirements
CPU: 100 Mhz
RAM: 32 MB
Graphics: 1 MB Video RAM

This game features many puzzles never seen anywhere, it provides a very unique experience.
To install, burn/mount CD image and after installation, copy supplied fixed exe from cd image in the game directory.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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