Audrey Bouette - David Ben Haim Photoshoot 2017

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Audrey Bouette - David Ben Haim Photoshoot 2017

Audrey Bouetté - David Ben Haïm Photoshoot 2017
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Audrey Bouetté was born on June 4th in a small town called Saint Priest-en-Jarez, in France. She is originally from Brittany. Audrey studied Economics in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France while dreaming about becoming a Fashion Model. Her dream came true when She was spotted by Thomas Zeumer. One of the most successful agents in the modeling industry and the founder, ex president CEO of Metropolitan NYC.

Audrey became a finalist in the global competition Model Karma Awards, organized by Thomas Zeumer in NYC. She was also involved in the fashion show for Richie Rich, an american fashion designer.

After working in Miami, USA, Audrey returned to France and starting her modeling career in Paris. With her passion for modeling, good personality, qualities and her unique look, she seduces the fashion world, photographers and international fashion brands.

Audrey Bouette - David Ben Haim Photoshoot 2017

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