3D Total: Textures V8:R2 – Vehicles

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3D Total: Textures V8:R2 – Vehicles

3D Total: Textures V8:R2 – Vehicles
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This enormously improved version of the original texture collection now contains 289 individual Materials, comprising of over 1200 individual, hand crafted texture maps. Every Texture now has its own unique colour map, bump map and in some cases specular, normal map and alpha maps. Also included on this DVD are 35 3D Meshes for Alloy wheels and other various car objects, and 14 paint shaders for each of 5 software packages, 3DSMax, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave and Softimage XSi.

We have done something a bit different this time around compared with the previous Upgrades. For Total Textures V8 we have added a whole new section – Military Textures. The new textures for this section includes a host of fantastic handpainted textures to spice up your military/war time scenes. We have everything from Tank tracks and hatches to fusealges and grills. Check out the full listing below.

Here is the DVD’s full contents:
20 Alloy Wheel 3D models
15 Object 3D Models
3 Camouflage Textures
3 Camouflage Netting Textures
123 Decals including Flames, Hood decals, numbers, tribal and race designs.
9 Dials
25 Dirt Texture Masks
14 Doors and Hatches
20 Ground Textures
19 Material Textures
25 Panel Textures
2 Tank Tracks
15 Tyre Maps
12 Vent & Grills
70 Paint shaders