Elven Village Volume 3/ Wine Bar / 5 of 8

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Elven Village Volume 3/ Wine Bar / 5 of 8

Elven Village Volume 3/ Wine Bar / 5 of 8 | 24.6MB

The Elven Village Wine Bar doesn’t provide room or guest services beyond light entertainment and the enjoyment of fanciful wines and fruit beverages. While many elven clans have moved towards full service inns, the Owl Clan maintains older traditions - a surreal mixture of wine, music and a reflective gazing pool.

The product includes three levels, connected by stairs. Lanterns adorn the top floor, where additional tables are found, along with a performance stage. The second floor also has a gazing pool for reflective scrying while enjoying an ancient vintage. A pair of wine kegs await outside and numerous elven beverages sit behind the bar. The Vue version includes bottles with mapped, native Vue materials, glass shaders applied to glass surfaces and pre-lit lamps!

-3DS format models + 2048x2048 texture map
-Poser 5+ PP2 Prop format models
-Bryce 5+ BR5 format versions
-Vue 5+ VOB Object format models

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