Chava Alberstein – Death Of The Butterfly (1968) (24/44 Vinyl Rip) חוה אלברשטיין – מות הפרפר

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Chava Alberstein – Death Of The Butterfly (1968) (24/44 Vinyl Rip) חוה אלברשטיין – מות הפרפר

Chava Alberstein & the CBS Israel Orchestra – Death Of The Butterfly (חוה אלברשטיין – מות הפרפר (1968
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Vinyl LP | CBS 63378 | Chanson | Israel
Never re-released on Vinyl or CD

Chava Alberstein is known as the most important folk singer in Israel, but here, in the second year of her career, she is accompanied by the CBS Israel Orchestra with arrangements by Israel's leading jazz musician Albert Piamenta in Jazz, Latin, or French Chanson style. There is no title printed on the front cover, but the record is commonly listed as "Death Of The Butterfly", a possible translation of the first track, although on the back cover it's translated to "The Butterfly's Death". The record is an Israel only release, and although it's in mint condition, there is some background noise, Israeli pressings were known for scarse quality, prices for imports were 3 times higher. It has never been re-released, as far as I could find out, the quality of the studio production might be insufficient for a CD release as well.
In fact when I spent half a year in the country in 1980, I didn't pay my rent in Shekel, Dollars or Deutschmark, but with Maxell tape cassettes with the latest recordings, smuggled through customs between some "Der Spiegel" and "Times" magazines, that were less sought after, but duty free.
There are many extensive biographies of Chava Alberstein online, check the further links.

01. The butterfly's death · מות הפרפר 02:25
02. A suitor came · בא אלי נער 01:43
03. Leaves of gold · עלי זהב 02:35
04. Summer's wonders · את כל פלאי הקיץ 02:22
05. The king is alive · המלך חי 02:54
06. Refrain · פזמון חוזר 01:08
07. Smiles · חיוכים 02:53
08. Mon cœur et ma prison · כפל 01:58
09. Still waiting · זו שעדיין מחכה 02:37
10. Delilah · דלילה 02:15
11. Three loves · שלוש אהבותי 02:36
12. The path · בשביל אל הבריכות 04:33
13. After the war · אחרי המלחמה 02:35
14. People · אנשים 02:30
Total Time: 34:57

These rips are several years old, 24Bit/44.1kHz resolution was my limit in those days.
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