The Beach Boys - Keepin' The Summer Alive (1980/2015) [TR24][OF]

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The Beach Boys - Keepin' The Summer Alive (1980/2015) [TR24][OF]

The Beach Boys - Keepin' The Summer Alive
Pop, Rock | FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/192 kHz | 33:08 min | 1.29 GB | Front Cover
Label: Capitol, Brother Records | Tracks: 10 | 1980/2015

By the end of the '70s, the Beach Boys were turning into a novelty act with their live shows and spewing forth easily forgettable records. One would have hoped that with the emergence of a new decade the group would have adapted a fresh outlook and returned to its former levels of creativity. They did adapt a new way of looking at things, but it just wasn't the right one. Keepin' the Summer Alive isn't just a low point of the band's career, it is the low point. Ripe with mindless throwaways and lifeless filler, Keepin' the Summer Alive is the sound of a group earnestly trying to hang on to the last fibers of popularity it accumulated during the mid-'70s. A mindless, predictable rendition of "School Days" does nothing to pick things up and is easily forgettable, as is most of the record. The two exceptions to the rule reside in the title track and the closing "Endless Harmony." "Endless" could have been a hauntingly beautiful piece had they not tacked on the last minute of the song, where they decided it was a good idea to thank America for letting them tour her majestic plains. It's hard to believe this album was recorded by the same group that gave the world such brilliance almost 15 years prior with Pet Sounds. Avoid this one at all costs – unless you are looking to increase your ironic-quotient index. Review by Rob Theakston

01 Keepin' The Summer Alive 3:41
02 Oh Darlin' 3:52
03 Some Of Your Love 2:34
04 Livin' With A Heartache 4:03
05 School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) 2:50
06 Goin' On 3:02
07 Sunshine 2:50
08 When Girls Get Together 3:30
09 Santa Ana Winds 3:12
10 Endless Harmony 3:07

Brian Wilson - lead, harmony and backing vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizer
Carl Wilson - lead, harmony and backing vocals, guitar
Al Jardine - lead, harmony and backing vocals, guitar, spoken word introduction on "Santa Ana Winds"
Mike Love - lead, harmony and backing vocals
Bruce Johnston - lead, harmony, and backing vocals, keyboard, production
Dennis Wilson - drums and percussion on "Endless Harmony"

Recorded: November 1969–February 1980; Criteria Studios, FL; Bachman Studio, WA; Brian Wilson's home studio, CA; United Western Recorders, CA.

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Анализ: The Beach Boys / Keepin' The Summer Alive

DR Пики RMS Продолжительность трека
DR14 -0.79 дБ -16.25 дБ 3:43 01-Keepin' The Summer Alive
DR13 -0.65 дБ -15.18 дБ 3:54 02-Oh Darlin'
DR12 -0.51 дБ -14.90 дБ 2:37 03-Some Of Your Love
DR12 -0.61 дБ -14.98 дБ 4:06 04-Livin' With A Heartache
DR13 -0.65 дБ -15.30 дБ 2:56 05-School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)
DR12 -0.63 дБ -14.64 дБ 3:04 06-Goin' On
DR14 -0.66 дБ -16.35 дБ 2:54 07-Sunshine
DR12 -4.68 дБ -19.73 дБ 3:34 08-When Girls Get Together
DR13 -4.08 дБ -20.79 дБ 3:15 09-Santa Ana Winds
DR13 -0.85 дБ -17.56 дБ 3:09 10-Endless Harmony

Количество треков: 10
Реальные значения DR: DR13

Частота: 192000 Гц
Каналов: 2
Разрядность: 24
Битрейт: 5446 кбит/с
Кодек: FLAC

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