Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence (2016) [Official Digital Download 24-bit/96kHz]

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Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence (2016) [Official Digital Download 24-bit/96kHz]

Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence (2016)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time - 59:24 minutes | 1,14 GB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover

Cosmograf is a Progressive Rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville nr Portsmouth UK. The sound is rooted in 70s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist. Cosmograf's fifth studio album release is an existential concept album with an alien theme, based on the essay ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ by the French philosopher Albert Camus. The album features guest appearances by Nick D’Virgilio, Nick Beggs, Dave Meros and Rachael Hawnt as well as a number of voice acting contributions.

It’s essentially a more modern re-telling of Camus’s writings about mankind’s struggle to understand the universe and our role within it”, says the concept’s creator Robin Armstrong. “Camus described man standing face to face with the irrational which leads to a confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world. “
Between our quest for knowledge and refusal of the world to give up its secrets, lies the concept of absurdism. In his original essay, Camus describes a mythological character, Sysiphus condemned to pointless labour in order to illustrate the absurdity of human existence. Robin Armstrong twists the story to portray a modern character that has become disillusioned with his own life to the point that he believes his destiny may reside in another world. As with previous Cosmograf albums, the tale is told with a very cinematic feel and explores the themes of paranoia, social withdrawal and conformity, and ultimately the search for meaning in our own existence.


01 - echo $abduction;
02 - This Film Might Change Your Life
03 - Plastic Men
04 - Arcade Machine
05 - RGB
06 - Four Wall Euphoria
07 - The Uniform Road
08 - The Silent Field
09 - Relativity
10 - The Unreasonable Silence

Written and Produced by Robin Armstrong.
Recorded at The Trees, Waterlooville.
Mixed and Mastered by Robin Armstrong at The Trees.

The album is written and performed by Robin Armstrong with assistance from the following guest artists:
-Nick D Virgilio (Spock’s Beard/ Big Big Train), Drums - All tracks except RGB.
-Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson/Steve Hackett/ Mute Gods), Bass - Four Wall Euphoria.
-Dave Meros – (Spock’s Beard), Bass -Arcade Machine.
-Rachael Hawnt , Vocals - The Unreasonable Silence, Four Wall Euphoria, Relativity
-Robin Armstrong – Vocals, all other instruments an voice
Voice Actors:
Redd Horrocks – ‘Emma, the girlfriend’.
Josh at Rocketsound – ‘Connor Ramirez’
Andrew Whelbig – ‘Alien Eyewitness’
Martin Paine – ‘Tom’
Linnea Sage – ‘Amy Curtis’
Katherine Thompson – ‘Sarah Erith’
Rhiannon Owens - ‘Lisa Williams
Martin Hutchinson – ‘Martin Jones - Conspiracy Theorist 1’
David Thompson - ‘Conspiracy Theorist 2’
Steve Wilson – ‘Documentary Voice’

Release note:
This is 'hi-res' version of the album which is provided for audiophile use, where no mastering compression is used in order to maintain the full dynamic range of the mix. These can be considered 'flat transfers' of the original mixes although the songs are level matched to present as a continuous album but with no mastering compression, significant limiting or EQ changes. As such this audio will be significantly quieter than the 24/44khz, standard master and you will need to turn your volume to appreciate the quieter passages. You should also note that some of the 'analogue colour', tape emulation and 'glue' of the standard master will not be present as these inherently include some master buss compression. Both versions will have their own merits and neither should be considered 'better' than the other. Please note these are 24bit 96Khz files so you will need a soundcard or DAC capable of playing this format.

Analyzed: Cosmograf / The Unreasonable Silence

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR12 -0.85 dB -19.19 dB 2:20 01-echo $abduction;
DR12 -0.16 dB -15.10 dB 9:02 02-This Film Might Change Your Life
DR14 -0.16 dB -18.85 dB 6:27 03-Plastic Men
DR12 -0.16 dB -14.93 dB 8:38 04-Arcade Machine
DR11 -2.81 dB -19.97 dB 4:02 05-RGB
DR13 -0.16 dB -14.78 dB 5:24 06-Four Wall Euphoria
DR13 -0.16 dB -16.70 dB 7:20 07-The Uniform Road
DR12 -0.61 dB -16.97 dB 2:16 08-The Silent Field
DR14 -0.16 dB -15.88 dB 4:48 09-Relativity
DR13 -0.16 dB -17.58 dB 9:07 10-The Unreasonable Silence

Number of tracks: 10
Official DR value: DR13

Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2565 kbps
Codec: FLAC

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