Etta Cameron and Nikolaj Hess with Friends - Etta (2009/2015) [DSD64 + Hi-Res FLAC]

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Etta Cameron and Nikolaj Hess with Friends - Etta (2009/2015) [DSD64 + Hi-Res FLAC]

Etta Cameron and Nikolaj Hess with Friends - Etta (2009/2015)
DSD64 (.dsf) 1 bit/2,8 MHz | Time - 59:58 minutes | 1,58 GB
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time - 59:58 minutes | 1,37 GB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Digital booklet

Vocalist Etta Cameron sang mostly jazz and gospel and left her mark in the Danish music community during the 1970s. This final album from jazz vocalist Etta Cameron was released in 2009, a year before her death. Cameron covers standards, gospel, pop and blues tunes, accompanied by her longtime pianist Nikolaj Hess and top Danish musicians.

Etta Cameron is best known as a gospel vocalist with a conta- gious enthusiasm, which can distill the ardor in any choir and lead them to rock even the smallest country church. When on the panel of one of TV’s many talent contests, lovable Etta always gives top score to anybody exhibiting the smallest ink- ling of talent. But more than anything else, Etta represents Black music. Through a long career she has infused soul, gospel, blues and jazz tunes with her personal touch and richly dark, beautiful voice. All this experience helps shape her interpretation of this impressive string of jazz pearls.

Etta Cameron and Nikolaj Hess have worked closely together for 20 years. Nikolaj has accompanied Etta at countless venues – small and large – with large orchestras, trios and quartets, or alone behind the piano. Their mainstay is gospel, but when the chance arises, they love playing a few jazz ballads. Often, they have rehearsed on the backseat of the car en route from one gig to the next, and that is also exactly how this album was born. Nikolaj and Etta have often discussed recording a selection of especially beautiful tunes with the best possible line‐up. And so it came to be: Bassist Klavs Hovman and saxophonist Jens Søndergaard ‐ both regulars in Etta’s bands for years – were ready. Marilyn Mazur and Palle Mikkelborg were equally ent- husiastic. And so Nikolaj started arranging for this particu- lar line‐up. In May 2009, Etta and the musicians were ready to visit Copenhagen’s Sun Studios and bring out the magic in tunes like “What a Wonderful World”, “Smile”, “Careless Love” and many others. The legendary sound wizard Bjarne Hansen engineered the session. And the magic is unquestionable on this new album, when the youthful vocalist with many years of experience behind her puts all her interpretive powers on the line. The production gives us a close‐up on Etta and her wonderful voice, as she invites us under the skin of the tunes and breathes a vibrant proximity into the lyrics. You will be astounded at the almost minimalistic framework, which enables Etta and a handful of Denmark’s leading musicians to strip each song to the bone. Vocalists may compete for attention, but nothing beats experi- ence, and when combined with breathtaking honesty, a subli- me listening experience is right around the corner ‐ as on this disc featuring a genuine diva.


01 - What A Wonderful World
02 - Summertime
03 - You've Changed
04 - Love Me Or Leave Me
05 - Smile
06 - Out Of This World
07 - Motherless Child
08 - God Bless The Child
09 - Careless Love
10 - What Is This Thing Called Love
11 - You Are My Sunshine
12 - Where Do I Begin
13 - You've Got A Friend

Produced by Nikolaj Hess.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered in May 2009 by Bjarne Hansen at Sun Studio, Copenhagen.

Etta Cameron - vocals
Nikolaj Hess - piano
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet on "1,5,11"
Jens Sondergaard - alto saxophone on "2,6,9,10"
Klavs Hovman - bass
Marilyn Mazur - drums, percussion

Analyzed: Etta Cameron and Nikolaj Hess with Friends / Etta

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 -4.81 dB -20.97 dB 7:06 01-What A Wonderful World
DR10 -4.60 dB -17.67 dB 4:35 02-Summertime
DR8 -5.78 dB -18.13 dB 5:14 03-You've Changed
DR9 -4.05 dB -16.98 dB 3:47 04-Love Me Or Leave Me
DR10 -5.50 dB -18.55 dB 5:40 05-Smile
DR9 -4.69 dB -16.42 dB 3:37 06-Out Of This World
DR10 -4.89 dB -18.73 dB 3:20 07-Motherless Child
DR11 -4.62 dB -19.04 dB 3:57 08-God Bless The Child
DR9 -6.79 dB -19.19 dB 5:20 09-Careless Love
DR11 -4.81 dB -17.64 dB 3:20 10-What Is This Thing Called Love
DR11 -4.47 dB -19.21 dB 6:13 11-You Are My Sunshine
DR11 -6.39 dB -21.65 dB 3:38 12-Where Do I Begin
DR12 -2.35 dB -20.26 dB 4:11 13-You've Got A Friend

Number of tracks: 13
Official DR value: DR10

Samplerate: 2822400 Hz / PCM Samplerate: 88200 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 1
Bitrate: 5645 kbps
Codec: DSD64

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