Jack Johnson - On And On (2003/2014) [Official Digital Download 24-bit/96kHz]

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Jack Johnson - On And On (2003/2014) [Official Digital Download 24-bit/96kHz]

Jack Johnson - On And On (2003/2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time - 43:50 minutes | 904 MB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover

Jack Hody Johnson is Hawaii-born singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is known primarily for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. The title On And On is an apt description of Jack Johnson's sales and chart triumphs with this album. Johnson's second release was his second million-selling album in the US, also certified platinum in the UK and gold in Canada. The success of his debut was a long, slow build, taking time for word to spread. So lots of fans were primed for this follow-up in 2003 which wasn't a vast departure musically from the breezy, laid-back acoustic tunes of the debut, although some of the songs touched on more serious topical issues like materialism in America and war.

It took Jack Johnson two years to break into the mainstream with his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales, and by the time it went platinum in early 2003, his star power was unstoppable. Twentysomethings and college kids across the globe often compared Johnson's comfortable approach to the fiery Ben Harper, so when it came time to make a second album, Johnson basically picked up where the first album left off. On and On is a sparkling sophomore effort, carefully designed to avoid any kind of critical slump. Fans will enjoy Johnson's soothing ballads and boy-next-door charms, never looking beyond the surface of the songs themselves. Producer Mario Caldato, Jr. (Beastie Boys, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) hones Johnson's feel-good vibe and polishes his signature acoustic guitars, while the musician himself continues honing his genre-blending sound. Johnson gets serious this time, too: he playfully expounds on America's sickening dependence on material things ("Gone") and its subconscious ill will with today's youth ("Cookie Jar"). Other views on world war ("Traffic in the Sky") and a capitalistic, business-obsessed way of life ("The Horizon Has Been Defeated") are gently reflected upon without reproach. Johnson doesn't need to be an aggressive messenger to get his point across; the sales of Brushfire Fairytales make that quite clear. Instead, people listen to Johnson's musical commentary because he puts himself on their level, shunning the philosophical preaching of his counterpart, Harper. On and On keeps things simple in sound and time, and the only noticeable change is that Johnson didn't lyrically restrain himself. There are 17 solid tracks featured here, each one of them rooted in spiritual grooves,funk, and blues. In dire times, Johnson is sunny – and sunny always feels good.


01 - Times Like These
02 - The Horizon Has Been Defeated
03 - Traffic In The Sky
04 - Taylor
05 - Gone
06 - Cupid
07 - Wasting Time
08 - Holes To Heaven
09 - Dreams Be Dreams
10 - Tomorrow Morning
11 - Fall Line
12 - Cookie Jar
13 - Rodeo Clowns
14 - Cocoon
15 - Mediocre Bad Guys
16 - Symbol In My Driveway

Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr. Engineered & Mixed by Mario Caldato, Jr. and Robert Carranza.
Recorded at Mango Tree, Hawaii. Mastered by Bernie Grundman.

Jack Johnson - vocals, guitar
Merlo Podlewski - bass
Adam Topol - drums

Analyzed: Jack Johnson / On And On

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR7 0.00 dB -8.23 dB 2:20 01-Times Like These
DR8 0.00 dB -8.92 dB 2:32 02-The Horizon Has Been Defeated
DR7 0.00 dB -8.61 dB 2:50 03-Traffic In The Sky
DR8 0.00 dB -9.56 dB 3:59 04-Taylor
DR9 0.00 dB -10.11 dB 2:08 05-Gone
DR11 0.00 dB -12.41 dB 1:05 06-Cupid
DR9 0.00 dB -10.45 dB 3:50 07-Wasting Time
DR8 0.00 dB -9.88 dB 2:54 08-Holes To Heaven
DR10 -0.05 dB -12.17 dB 2:13 09-Dreams Be Dreams
DR9 0.00 dB -10.56 dB 2:50 10-Tomorrow Morning
DR10 0.00 dB -11.83 dB 1:34 11-Fall Line
DR8 0.00 dB -9.71 dB 2:56 12-Cookie Jar
DR8 0.00 dB -10.18 dB 2:37 13-Rodeo Clowns
DR11 0.00 dB -12.85 dB 4:11 14-Cocoon
DR6 0.00 dB -8.70 dB 3:00 15-Mediocre Bad Guys
DR6 0.00 dB -8.87 dB 2:51 16-Symbol In My Driveway

Number of tracks: 16
Official DR value: DR8

Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2797 kbps
Codec: FLAC

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