Split Enz - Frenzy (1981) [VINYL] (US/UK version) - 24-bit/96kHz plus CD-compatible format

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Split Enz - Frenzy (1981) [VINYL] (US/UK version) - 24-bit/96kHz plus CD-compatible format

Split Enz - Frenzy (1981) [VINYL] (US/UK version)
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After the calm of "Dizrhythmia" came the storm called "Frenzy". This is the US/UK version.

After "Dizrhythmia" came the storm called "Frenzy" which exists in 4 distinct versions – the 1978 original release, the 1979 release that added "I See Red", and 1981 US version that was remixed and reconfigured and replaced songs and used different versions of songs from different recordings sessions on Side B, and the 2006 remastered version that is completely reconfigured yet again.


Offered here is the US/UK version. It was remixed and reconfigured my Eddie Raynor in 1981 to some benefit and some detriment. I have included spectral views of one song from each of the two versions. Side A is basically a "Greatest Hits" of the NZ/Oz version. All of Side B is different than the previous version, keeping 3 songs but this time the tracks were recorded in Luton. In Enz lore, these sessions are referred to as The Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes. It was released in the US/UK on the heels of the success brought on by "True Colores and "Waiata", even given away free with the purchase of "Time And Tide" in the UK.

Thus reads the back cover:

Like an old hulk
Hauled onto dry docks
To have barnacles removed
Such is the "New" Frenzy

Allmusic Review by Chris Woodstra
"Although often thought of as a transitional album, Frenzy shows the band in top form. Produced in England on a diminished budget, the album showcases pure pop with a hungry edge. "I See Red," added after the initial pressing, became a moderate hit in Australia and New Zealand, allowing the band the financial freedom to follow up with the blockbuster True Colours in 1980. Stripped of the earlier excesses, the album hints at the direction the band would take in the '80s while capturing a rare, rougher side to their music."

The review misses much of the backstory. So here it is:

From wikipedia:
"Frenzy is a 1979 album by New Zealand New Wave band Split Enz. The album, like much of the band's work, featured mainly Tim Finn compositions. Frenzy ventured even further beyond the band's art rock roots to more of a pop sound.

The album is notable for being the first to feature Neil Finn on lead vocals – though the lyrics to "Give It A Whirl" and both music & lyrics to "Master Plan" were written by his brother Tim.

The album was primarily recorded at The Manor Studios in England between November and December in 1978, however the song "I See Red" had already been recorded at Startling Studios (also in England) in July 1978. (<<<<–– INCORRECT – "I See Red" was recorded in 1979 as a single)

The song "Abu Dhabi" created controversy due to the use of phrases such as "greedy westerners" and "oil barons", considered to be racist by some. As a result, the song's vocals were mixed softly, the offensive lyrics were not printed anywhere on the album and with the exception of a few shouts of 'Abu Dhabi' left in, completely mixed out of the 2006 remix of the track.

Dissatisfaction with the original mix of the album led to Eddie Rayner remixing the album in 1981 for the North American and British releases. Side one comprised songs from the original release, while side two was a mix of songs recorded on the Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes from 1978. The sound of the original album apparently suffered from either bad tape stock used for the recording of the album, or misalignment of the tape machines used to record it – which limited what Eddie Rayner had to work with in the aforementioned 1981 remix.

Subsequent developments in recording technology led to the remix of album track "Stuff and Nonsense" for the 1997 compilation Spellbound, and an entire remix of the album by Eddie Rayner released in 2006. Release of the Rootin' Tootin' Luton Tapes finally eventuated in 2007 after many delays."

And even that omits that they needed a grant from the Queen Elizabeth Arts Concil to finish it up.

Track listings
All tracks written by Tim Finn, except where noted. "I See Red" was not included on the first 10,000 copies of this album, having not been a part of the same sessions. It was added subsequently on 1 March 1979.

If you're not singing along with "Stuff And Nonsense" by the end, then there's something wrong with you.

1979 release
"I See Red"
"Give It A Whirl" (T. Finn, N. Finn)
"Master Plan"
"Famous People"
"Hermit McDermitt"
"Stuff and Nonsense"
"Marooned" (Rayner)

"Frenzy" (T. Finn, E. Rayner)
"The Roughest, Toughest Game in the World"
"She Got Body, She Got Soul"
"Abu Dhabi" (T. Finn, E. Rayner)
"Mind Over Matter" (T. Finn, N. Finn)

1981 release

Some bootleg versions of the A&M 1981 Frenzy also include b-sides "Message Boy", "Hypnotized" and rare "Next Exit" – all recorded during the Luton sessions. "Stuff & Nonsense" is preceded by a brief introduction by Tim Finn, who dedicates the song to the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. The original version of "Next Exit" from the Luton tapes was released on the "More Hits and Myths" compilation.

"I See Red"
"Give It A Whirl" 1981 remix (T. Finn, N. Finn)
"Master Plan" 1981 remix
"Betty" 1981 remix
"Frenzy" 1981 remix (T. Finn, E. Rayner)
"Stuff and Nonsense" 1981 remix with spoken dedication
"Marooned" 1981 remix (Rayner)

"Hermit McDermitt" Luton version
"Holy Smoke" (N. Finn)
"Carried Away" (N. Finn)
"She Got Body, She Got Soul"
"Mind Over Matter" Luton version (T. Finn, N. Finn)
"Livin' It Up" (N. Griggs)

2006 release
All tracks remixed in 2005–2006 by Eddie Rayner. The track listing on the CD case is incorrect on some editions.

"Give It A Whirl" (T. Finn, N. Finn) – 3:04
"I See Red" – 3:15
"Famous People" – 3:02
"Hermit McDermitt" – 4:03
"Stuff and Nonsense" – 4:28
"Mind Over Matter" (T. Finn, N. Finn) – 2:57
"Marooned" (Rayner) – 2:32
"Master Plan" – 3:07
"She Got Body, She Got Soul" – 2:58
"The Roughest, Toughest Game in the World" – 3:44
"Abu Dhabi" [Instrumental] (T. Finn, E. Rayner) – 5:23
"Betty" – 4:45
"Frenzy" (T. Finn, E. Rayner) – 2:30
"Semi Detached" – 5:05
"Carried Away" (N. Finn) – 4:34
"Horse to Water" Frenzy session outtake – 3:06

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"16bit" = 16bit at 44.1kHz
"24bit" = 24bit at 96kHz

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