Steve Tibbetts - Exploded View - 1986 (24/96 Vinyl Rip)

Posted By: Arend
Steve Tibbetts - Exploded View - 1986  (24/96 Vinyl Rip)

Steve Tibbetts - Exploded View - 1986
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1986 / Genre: World-Jazz-Ambient - ECM Records - DE

Steve Tibbetts is an American guitarist, who also plays mandolin, kalimba, and synthesizer, even if he rarely uses these instruments through his various records. He's both an excellent electric and acoustic guitar player and uses much of the resources that studio technology offers. There's also an ethnic/world dimension in his music, especially with the recurrent use of percussions (with the help of Marc Anderson) and other exotic instruments.

"Exploded View" is not a very accessible album; but it keeps getting better and better when you play it more times.. Enjoy this very special album!
My special thanks to Fran Solo who did the H.Q. artwork and wrote the review! And last but not least "Anonymous" that sent the album..

Note > No silence was deleted; please burn this album gapless..


It's a great pleasure for me to contribute my humble opinion, at one of the best blogs dedicated to vinyl-progressive-ethnic-rock: Arend's blog.
This time I'll refer to this work "Exploded view" of the american guitarist Steve Tibbetts (a curiosity do you've great players have noticed that by first name "Steve" … some examples Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, Steve Morse, Steve Eliovson, Steve Lukather, Steve Vai, Steve Wilson .. etc, etc).
Well this work (I think) which is the last place Tibbetts. I think it's the most mature and best of their discography. Is very well integrated whole of african percussion, vocals, heavy electric and acoustic guitars.

I recommend this album to hear the following tracks in this order:
1. 'A clear day and no memories' I think is the most brilliant piece of this album, excellent vocals of the dark and ancient african rituals (I imagine the natives worship the voodoo, and profane in huge bonfires and simple acoustic guitar but pride … the term also striking: over and then comes a section of a solo acoustic. Great to say the least.
2. 'Drawing Down the Moon' I like this piece very much, very well integrated synthesizers, electric guitar + kalimba, wow!
3. 'Your Cat' Ha, ha, ha, this title is hilarious, it starts with an electric guitar note imitating a meow (I always thought it was a horse whinny), and indeed nerves. What could have happened between the happy cat and Tibbetts? hi'll be scratched? may have been his girlfriend…noooo!!, please … who knows. It's great! choking, restless guitar in the style of Hendrix, dirty, heavy, agonizing.

The rest of the LP so I leave it tested yourself and enjoy.

Fran Solo, MMXI

Track List:

    01 Name Everything
    02 Another Year
    03 A Clear Day And No Memories
    04 Your Cat
    05 Forget
    06 Drawing Down The Moon
    07 The X Festival
    08 Metal Summer
    09 Assembly Field


Steve Tibbetts: Guitar, Kalimba, Tapes
Claudia Schmidt, Bruce Henry, Jan Reimer: Vocals
Bob Hughes: Bass
Marc Anderson: Congas, Steel Drum, Percussion, Berimbau
Marcus Wise: Tabla

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