Yes - The Yes Album [Original US Vinyl] 24bit 96kHz

Posted By: tubert
Yes - The Yes Album [Original US Vinyl] 24bit 96kHz

Yes - The Yes Album
Original US Atlantic Pressing
1971 | Classic Rock | Flac | 870MB
No artwork, cue or log

I don't get much into "prog rock" but this is a masterpiece. It's as much "pop" as "prog". The music moves from one catchy riff to another as smoothly as Salmon swim upstream to spawn.

This is the pressing I bought when it came out and I hope you enjoy revisiting as much as did. There's a small "hump" in the wax between "I've Seen All Good People" and " A Venture". I rolled the bass off a bit between the fades but you'll still hear it. Other than that, I think this 40 year old wax has survived the years better than I have!

Side One:
Matrix Number: ST-A-712139 B-1-1
01 - Yours Is No Disgrace
02 - The Clap
03 - Starship Trooper

Side Two:
Matrix Number: ST-A-712140 B-1-1
04 - I've Seen All Good People
05 - A Venture
06 - Perpetual Change

Pioneer PL707
Shure V 15 type II w/SAS stylus
Dynco PAS 3X Modified by tubert
Maudio 24/96 card

My goal is to present original pressing classic rock albums ripped through a 100% vacuum tube phono preamp. No transistor DC servo control circuits or IC regulated power supplies. I make no attempt to remove the sound of diamond on wax. I do my best to clean my vinyl, rip it and share the results. I will of course rip music from other eras when the mood strikes. I hope you have as much fun listening to my rips as I do dealing with the dark magic involved in providing them?

Please don't give the clap to your vinyl playmate. -tubert.