Images Retail - October 2018

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Images Retail - October 2018

Images Retail - October 2018
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Th e retail sector is facing challenges like never before and one of the
major bottlenecks has been attracting and retaining skilled, career staff .
In fact, the retail industry in India is competing with other high growth
sectors for skilled recruits – recruits who won’t simply stand in a store
and sell, but who will also get involved with and contribute towards
taking business forward. Th is demand for highly professional, skilled
and trained employees has made ‘Retail Education’ a necessity in India.
In the October edition of IMAGES Retail, we take a look on the Retail
Education and how it trains the employees for greater success and
With retailers demanding skilled workers and retail moving forward
at a fast pace, it is no wonder then that India fascinated with foreign
brands – something which is no secret, but the wheel has now turned a
full circle. With India poised to become the third largest economy in the
world by 2025, it is foreign brands that are chasing Indian consumers,
not the other way around. In a special feature titled ‘Global Retailers in
India: Moves, Leaps & Hurdles’, IMAGES Retail analyses the chief drivers
of growth of all major foreign brands in the country.

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